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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Gay Adoption

I've added text on the gay parents adoption of children, to "Homosexuality" by Vexen Crabtree (2005), here is the majority of it:

New anti-discrimination laws have been passed in the UK (Equality Act 2006), making it illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex parents. This enforces equality. It will mean that more children are kept out of agencies, and are given stable homes. There is no rational reason to find this offensive or wrong, but many try to give worried-sounding excusees to explain their disguised dislike. Some common and ignorant complaints about gay adoption are iterated below, and countered:

  • Gay parents will 'make' their children gay. Sociologists have made keen studies of gay parenting in countries where it is more commonplace and where it has been accepted for longer. The children of gay parents are not more likely to be gay than other children.

  • Children of gay parents will get bullied at school. By this logic, children who wear glasses should be banned from school. Also, so should foreigners, and maybe anyone who isn't the same colour as everyone else. Perhaps the children of tax collectors shouldn't be allowed to school either! This is a ridiculous excuse for bigotry.

  • It offends some peoples' religious beliefs. Everything offends some religious belief or other... discrimination is wrong, whether or not it is caused by religion, and the government is right to legislate against discrimination, as a democracy's duty is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to temper the ignorance of mass rule.

The most vocal opposition of anything that provides equality for gays are always Christians and Muslims. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the leader of the Catholic church in England and Wales, backed by the Church of England and the Muslim Council of Britain, have led a campaign to get the government to give exceptions to Catholic Adoption agencies so that they won't have to give equal rights to gay parents. He says that for reasons of conscience and morality, Catholics cannot be made to comply to the law. Tony Blair is rejecting their case, but has given them extra time to "adjust" to the new laws - they won't have to fully comply until the end of 2008. More later.

There Should be No Exceptions from Anti-Discrimination Laws

Anti-discrimination laws are passed to protect minorities from prejudice actions. The actions of prejudice, are wrong. Exemptions from anti-discrimination laws, therefore, are also wrong. An exception requires exceptional circumstances. That Catholic authorities don't like gays is what the law wants to stop. They they believe gays shouldn't adopt is also not the issue.

Special religious rights are a travesty of justice [...]. The more special religious rights that exist, the worse society has become and the more democracy is undermined. The government passes laws because it is necessary and because it is for the greater good. The more exceptions there are to those laws, the more democracy is weakened. This seems especially true where religious superstitions replace the rule of law. For example in Islamic states where Sharia law is declared, or during the Dark Ages when Christian superstitions cost many people their lives (not to mention the torture!), society is at its worst. Theocracy is the worst form of government, and special religious rights are exceptional in their ability to uphold discrimination and barbarianism against the face of normal moral legislation. People do not have a right to do anything they wish. Just because something is a persons' religious belief does not give them extra rights to do it.
"Religious Rights and Religion Specific Legislation" by Vexen Crabtree (2004)

Catholic Adoption Agencies Threaten to Close Rather Than Comply

The seven Catholic adoption agencies account for only 4% of all children placed each year in the UK, and their spokesperson has said that they would rather close than allow gay parents to adopt children. Elsewhere, this is exactly what they have done. Similar legislation has been passed in a number of states in the USA, "with the result that the Catholic Church from Boston to San Francisco has closed down its adoption agencies", especially after the Pope Ratzinger once said that these anti-discrimination laws are "the legalisation of evil".

They would rather allow the continued suffering of homeless and abused children (and discriminate against gays, too) - rather than infringe on their own religious beliefs. Their religion is more important to them than the welfare of children. The government is making plans on how to amalgamate their work into other, non-discriminatory agencies, in order to prevent children being harmed by the Church's refusal to entertain equality.

There is an economic contradiction in granting Catholic Adoption Agencies exemption from the Law of the Government... the fact that in part, such agencies are funded by the government:

Catholic adoption agencies receive public money for their efforts - both directly, in the form of grants, and indirectly through the tax break that any charity receives. If they are exempted from the law, they should also be relieved of subsidies from the taxpayers whose representatives approved it.
The Economist

Thankfully, the Government has indeed taken the line emplored by The Economist. At the end of 2007 Jan, Downing Street announced that "Catholic adoption agencies must comply with non-discrimination laws by the end of 2008 or lose all access to public funds, Downing Street said yesterday".

Full references can be found on the original article: http://www.humantruth.info/homosexuality.html

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P.S. Typo-spot: 1st para after 'There Should be No Exceptions from Anti-Discrimination Laws' heading; last sentence: They they believe gays shouldn't adopt is also not the issue.

Thanks for that, a correction will be uploaded soon!

(Deleted comment)

Williams / O'Connor: "You cannot legislate against people's conscience"

That quote winds me up... "conscience" is exactly what is missing from their own approach! They are driven by dogmatic ideals, overriding their concern for the welfare of children (more would be in homes, if adoption clinics cannot discriminate), and overriding equality... how can he not see the comparison here to The Good Samaritan? One group of people, victimized by the majority... was helped and nurtured by the claimed founder of Christianity!

It seems that this eminent church man has had his 'conscience' irrovocably damaged by religious conviction... hang on, that's exactly what we're fighting against the Taliban and Al'Qaeda for!

(Deleted comment)

Reason-based not faith-based.

I'm glad that the government [and the opposition] has pretty much told the catholics to get stuffed.

When it comes to spending my tax-pounds - much as I deep-down resent the whole idea that the Man in Whitehall knows better than I do as to what my money should be spent on - taxes really shouldn't go towards any sort of 'faith-based' initiatives or organisations.

If people really want to run catholic/anglican/moslem/jewish/sikh/hindu/scientologist adoption-agencies, sure - as someone with a fundamentally libertarian outlook I have no problem with this - so long as they pay for them out of their own pockets, not mine.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales reacted with fury at the announcement by Tony Blair on Monday that there would be no religious exemptions from new anti-discrimination legislation. It is now planning to pressurise Catholic MPs and peers to vote against the law when it comes before Parliament.

After the Prime Minister had announced his decision on Monday, Catholic leader Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor went into overdrive, saying that the Government were creating "a new kind of morality" and claiming that it told the church in effect that it had "no place in the public life of this country".

He insisted the church does not want to discriminate against homosexual people, who should be "held in respect and sensitivity". At the same time he wants the right to turn away gay couples from Catholic-run adoption agencies and has endorsed the Pope's opinion that gays are "intrinsically evil" and "morally disordered". [...]

The Vatican, which is thought to have been manipulating this campaign behind the scenes, was angry at developments. The Daily Telegraph reported that "One Rome insider said that the Vatican regarded the refusal to grant an exemption as a 'real manifestation of the dictatorship of relativism' that had been predicted by the Pope."
From the National Secular Society Newsline, 2007 Feb 02.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor is unbelievable... saying the Government is creating "a new kind of morality" and claiming that it told the church in effect that it had "no place in the public life of this country". This is nonsense. The "new kind of morality" is called equality... religious exemptions are the old law of theocratic discrimination. This has been anachronistic for decades... has Cormac Murphy-O'Connor only just noticed?

Also, the church has NOT been told that it has "no place in the public life of this country". The Government Equality Act tells everyone (equally) that discrimination is wrong. If people want to discriminate, they will do so illegally. This is because discrimination is wrong. It has nothing to do with whether Catholics happen to want to discriminate! Which, clearly, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor thinks they do want to do.

It doesn't matter if a White Supremicist wants to deny services to black people or if a Catholic wants to deny services to gay parents... discrimination is wrong, no matter what the cause of the behaviour is.

I always loves the way you addresses human rights and equality issues with such justification and fairness~

its not easy living at home and everybody else is christian..i think i just want to be spiritual or something..

take care dear..-snugs-


You own a amazing flair of drafting.Good Luck and get going.And yes i have book mark your site vexen.livejournal.com .

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