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Site statistics...

Non-unique page hits for first 30 days this month: (12 sites):
34 681

Old Server (3 sites):
28 716

Between these 15 sites I therefore am getting 2113 hits per day! *evil grin*

Sites not included in this count are:
Homeless Consciousness (Goth Site).
Site list, What's New, Random Page and Site Stats pages
Vexen's Photosite (over 600 photos!)
Vexen's CD Site (List of CDs I own plus genre,band and CD reviews.

I don't have any idea how many hits these "missing" sites get.

My 3 sites on Old Server are:
  • About Vexen
  • Weak Misanthropy
  • Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism

    I wrote a program to filter my request stats from into page hits... I will upgrade the program at later dates to breakdown my hits per directory (each directory is a different site) and then per page, too, so I know which pages are most frequently hit, or not hit at all! There are stats interpreters out there (tried a few) but I prefer to write my own.

    Click for more detailed stats

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