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Food, Excersice, Work, Quake

Up until lunch:
3 bananas
2 steak and kidney pasties
1 Coffee
2 pints water
A->Z Vitamin tablet.

No fruit juice today.

Daily excercies:
Anti ankylosing excercies: Some yoga. Other back excercies.
Few dozen sit ups. Some pull ups (at random times).
2 miles jog/run per day (on average)

Having a good day at work :-) too... finished some very useful code. Very customiziable, modular, intelligent.

I think I have to stop playing Quake. I sit too tense whilst playing... I tried last night to play whilst consciously being relaxed... but it's very hard. Lots of tense moments! I still won... but it doesn't do me any good. Tense arms/shoulders=injury for back.
Tags: back, fitness, food, heaves, jogging, quake, rsi, situps
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