Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Cat thieves

Cat thieves deserve to be assaulted and their car and house windows broken

Casper was just found in a town quite a long way away, run over, after being missing for a week.


Casper (2005 Aug - 2007 Apr 09)

One of our 2 beautiful cats! We got her, and Missy, from a cat rescue centre in Germany a year ago. She was petrified of everything, dysfunctional, shivered, was skinny and defensively aggressive... over time, she has slowly became loving, calm, normal, submissive and explorative.

She was always a coward, blonde-natured and daft, rarely went far from the back garden, and was homely, lovingly affectionate and lap-loving.

She went missing, and we got a phone call a week later from a gentleman after his dog found Casper's body in Viersen, a good distance from where we live. She had been run over. We presume that someone noticed her beautiful pure-white nature and thought she might have been worth something, perhaps for breeding, and when they found out she'd been neutered, they dumped her.

Photo Album: Kitties.

Tags: affection, animals, casper, cat, cats, death, kitten, pets
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