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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Cat thieves

Cat thieves deserve to be assaulted and their car and house windows broken

Casper was just found in a town quite a long way away, run over, after being missing for a week.


Casper (2005 Aug - 2007 Apr 09)

One of our 2 beautiful cats! We got her, and Missy, from a cat rescue centre in Germany a year ago. She was petrified of everything, dysfunctional, shivered, was skinny and defensively aggressive... over time, she has slowly became loving, calm, normal, submissive and explorative.

She was always a coward, blonde-natured and daft, rarely went far from the back garden, and was homely, lovingly affectionate and lap-loving.

She went missing, and we got a phone call a week later from a gentleman after his dog found Casper's body in Viersen, a good distance from where we live. She had been run over. We presume that someone noticed her beautiful pure-white nature and thought she might have been worth something, perhaps for breeding, and when they found out she'd been neutered, they dumped her.

Photo Album: Kitties.

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Poor girl, she would have been very scared and confused to be taken away.

I don't wish her malefactors to die, I just want them to be taught a serious and painful lesson, and to change their ways. It could have been anyone (nearby), though.

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That's awful. Almost impossible to believe anyone could do something so ridiculously heartless. You poor things *hughughug* ...xX

They are heartless and uncaring towards Casper and her owners.

& poor Casper :( So beautiful ...xX

She was beautiful and very individual!

Aww... poor girl. She looks like such a sweety...

I'd patronisingly warn against proscribing malice to what happened, but I'm really sorry you lost her, man :/ lotsa love.


I'm a bit muddleheaded. wrong words, right sentiment.

Thanks. Don't worry about the wording, you are right in that we have no idea why she was taken, even though she definately didn't get to Viersen on her own.

I'm really very sorry this has happened - I had a kittie called Casper (male) too that also met an untimely end.

Poor sweet beautiful Casper kitty and poor you and Sam :-( and Missy kitty now without her companion kitty :-(

Oh dear, i dont understand why people would do this... ok i can but thats because they are the scum of the earth.
Big hugs and sorry to hear this happened.

I someone did that to one of our cats and I found out who it was I would break both their arms and legs.

If your cat is found that far away I would seriously question if you'd ever suspected a neighbour who had a reason to be in that other area? I heard recently of someone locally who had very good reason to believe the fact their cat twice turned up a set distance away was because a neighbour irritated by the cat going in their garden had twice driven it somewhere and dumped it.

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(Deleted comment)
Both of ours are microchipped (in the neck), tatooed (inside ear), immunized, collared and passported!

I've wondered about GPS systems; are they implants too? Aside from Missy (the other cat), I could get Sam GPSed :-) And my car. And things like that, so I can always find them!


deepest sympathy on the tragic death of your dear cat.
i wouldnt rule out the possibility caspar hitched a ride on a van unbeknownst to the driver & fell off if it stopped suddenly. she was a stray & may have been trying to get to a former home. perhaps she had even hitched to where you found her to begin with. animals are seasonal & you are in spring. instinct may have clicked in & she was homing?

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