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Vexen Crabtree 2015

VNV Nation: Judgement and stuff

VNV Nations' new CD is his best yet, it is truly awesomely brilliant, exciting and all those types of things. It's still futurepop rather than the EBM that VNV started out as. It's a dark, brooding and yet pounding masterpiece.

Likewise, Assemblage 23's new album is also pretty good.

(Er, I've been to Resurrection Records... it's been ages since I got some CDs)

Also I picked up a Icon of Coil remix CD, which is on-average better than their (sometimes badly judged) albums.

I've also picked up (but not listened to) a Combichrist CD, and (more riskily) an Ayria CD because I liked "Horrible Dream" that I have on a compilation.

I've finished reading Prof. Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene (1976)... and well, it was so amazingly good that I'm going to have to write out my thoughts when calm, relaxed and objective. He is my greatest hero.

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Check out his website ( and his Foundation for Reason and Science :)

There's an RSS feed available for LJ on there, too.

Thanks for the link, but I've already been there :-) although I have noticed it has changed since my last visit... I will browse once I have time!

Thanks zazz!

I hope you've read The God Delusion? I found that it did a very nice job of refining and crystallising many of my objections to theism.

Oh yeah, read it, and almost took it to bed with me. (And not in the Nighttime Reading sense).

For me its best point was the endless citations of statistical facts, sociological data and surveys, etc... a veritable arsenal to help out the buddhist explicit atheistic soldier!

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