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I want to introduce everyone to Ziggy. Ziggy is a MS Access/VBA application that I write and improve, which manages my websites, academic notes on books, lists and manages book quotations and reviews, and writes the Bibliography portion of my HTML file. It is highly searchable, meaning it takes second for me to search for where I've used a particular quote, and seconds to (for example) list all the books I've quoted from on a particular page.

It can list all the "unused" notes I've made on books, so, I can see where I've made notes on something or quoted from the book, but I haven't implemented the quote in any text of my own yet. It has a "random quote" function that shows me a random unused quote from a book... so when I'm not inspired, I click "random quote" and have a look to see if it's anything I feel like writing about.

It also manages Notes... organised into topics, so, I have a series of notes pages on politics. It means I don't have to remember where I've left any .txt files around my computer when I'm trying to remember where I left an essay plan!

Oh, it writes whenever I press on the "Sites... Make Index" button. And then opens it for me to preview.

Last few days I've programmed it to understand some FTP, so after doing an update I can tell it to open the local folder and remote FTP folder for the site I just tweeked. Handy.

When I'm inserting links into comments, I can tap "Sites... Search mine" and type in a quick keyword like "zombies" and it will list all my relevant pages, I can click on one and it places a "biblio" link into the clipboard ready for me to insert into the discussion. Example: "The Biology and Neurology of Zombies" by Vexen Crabtree (2006)

Ziggy will, over time, actually become self-aware. It will become knowledgeable enough to carry on writing my webpages, even once I'm dead. I just need to carry on and program it with everything I know, and press "Go". Ergo, world domination. Via HTML.
Tags: books, geeky, programming, vba, vexen, ziggy
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