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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Vexen Crabtree 2015

VB Shell ID / SendKeys / explorer.exze

Doing some VBA stuff; I want a link to open two windows, in two specific locations on the screen. Firstly, a explorer.exe window, to open in the left half of the screen, and an FTP window to open in the second half.

Getting the two windows to open is easy (Shell explorer.exe), but, I can't find a way of controlling their position and size.

Know any methods?

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there are two api methods that allow you to do precision work.
one is sendkeys you will have to look it up but with it you will be able to control these things the information is available on forums.

Problem is with SendKeys, useful though it is, because I want to move the window to a precise location, I wont know how many clicks to send! Although... can I send a MoveMouse to an app, so, I can send keys for CTRL+Space, M, (to move the window), and then a MouseMove to 0,0, and then a CTRL13. Hmm.

I searched a lot, couldn't find the right type of info on forums or KB.

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