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Satanism is a World-Affirming Religion

"Satanism is a World-Affirming Religion, not a World-Renouncing One" by Vexen Crabtree (2007)

Drawing on the useful distinctions Roy Wallis of religions into the mainstream world-accomodating, world-rejecting (think isolation, christian monasteries, nihilism, buddhism) and world-affirming (materialistic religions, some philosophies, daoism), I measure each type against Satanism. I do not just point out that Satanism is a materialistic, world-loving religion, but also examine what points of similarity and difference it has with world-accommodating and world-rejecting ones (surprisingly, there are some areas of agreement).

Roy Wallis' categorisations are based on the reaction of a religion to the environment of the world. I am soon going to a similar category-comparison to J. Gordon Melton and Robert Moore, who grouped new religions into eight 'families', largely based on their internal beliefs.

And finally, a third comparison will be with the categories that Mooman Moojan, William James and Max Weber all came up with.
Tags: comparative religion, nihilism, reality, religion, satanism, world
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