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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Donnie Darko

Mrs Crabtree...

Mrs Crabtree is a good person... she doesn't like being online much. She is independent and wise in a very common-sense, Earthly way. She is wonderfluly ignorant of religion and theology, like an adult implicit atheist. She is independent and strong.

I care about grand concepts, the eternality of thought, change and progress... I am Carl Sagan and the United Nations... Mrs Crabtree is the opposite. She cares about individual people, friends, the stability of peoples' everyday lives, and the importance of living good. She is the unit of the life, I am the overarching theory of life.

My worst point is my misanthropy... her worst point is her stoicism. So, I get bored and socially confused when she talks to about trivial human matters, who-did-what-to-who, etc, and she gets bored and confused when I talk about lofty concepts like democracy, sociology, the big existential questions and the subtleties of Human emotion.

On account of her not being online, I am afraid I either need to think of a 'codename' for her which is more personable than "Mrs Crabtree"... but what? She hasn't liked anything I have thought of, and doesn't care enough to think of anything for herself.

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The Woman.
My Better Half.
'Er With The Temper And The Axe (no wait, I think that one's been taken).

Or, with a genuflection to John Mortimer and H. Rider:
She Who Must Be Obeyed.

It's nice to read about her :)

I find I'm a little bit of both, except not that well read in theology and not a stoic, either. I remain agnostic.

Ha, when I said "stoic" I was using the word in the sense of its description of emotion, not in terms of the philosophical outlook. Sam is a pure pragmatist.

I want to talk about Mrs Crabtree more, but I know she doesn't like 'being' online. Sometimes I get intellectually online-lonely without her being here!

I meant it in the emotional sense too :) (I'm not that well read philosophically, although I'm picking up bits and pieces because my Sam (my other SO) is so into it)

'She who must be obeyed' is quiet traditional :p

There's Herself as well :)

You mean using the word 'Herself' to denote my better half? No-one would know what I was talking about! I guess I just have to keep using phrases such as 'my better half', 'SO', etc... I just prefer to have a name!

I use Himself quite a lot, and everyone seems to understand what I'm talking about, so I think you wouldn't have any problems with comprehension if you were to use Herself. :)

Yes but it doesn't suffice as a clear pronoun; it would be amiguous to actually use it. As a term, it would have to be hyphened, like "She-who-has-to-be-obeyed"... and... more importantly, it simply isn't true!

A more accurate phrase would be:

She-who-should-be-obeyed-if-the-day-is-to-worth-living; the inclusion of 'must' is technically untrue, it's merely the consequences that 'must' follow the action. So its a question of whether you want to avoid the consequences. So 'must' has to be 'should'.

Have you asked her about Mrs Crabtree. She may find it personable. she may be quite pleased that your commitment to oneanother is important enough to you that you mention it thus.

Or you could always use her name.

Asked her what? What handle she wants online? She doesn't know! The only thing she doesn't want, is for me to use her real name!

im staying out of this *grin* anything i say would be noted and used against me so im afraid your on your own for this one

Luckily I have teflon pants...

I meant have you asked her if she dislikes Mrs Crabtree. If not I think it's quite a sweet way to reffer to her (That is assuming she dose not use the name in real life). My point being that if you instantly spring to a name that afirms the relationship between you it hints that said relationship is important to you. Which is really quite sweet.

Oh, well she hasn't complained; she doesn't really mind. I do quite like calling her Mrs Crabtree, probably for the reasons you say. I call her that at work quite a lot, unless they actually know her.

What about "my husband"? - after all you wore white to the wedding :-)

She who must be obeyed sounds good

Our selection of colours was due to our tastes, not due to how traditionalists asign colors to roles in weddings.

Re: Paradigm error!

Well what about "She who wears the trousers (and the incredibly brief miniskirts)?"

Re: Paradigm error!

Well it is perhaps a reflection of a true state of things to take into account that we both wear trousers, and sometimes we both wear skirts, both short or long.

Mrs V? Mrs C? Ms X for an air of mystery ;)

Snookie-wookums? Amelia?


Hmm... snookie? I'll try it out on the phone.

I identify so strongly with you. I feel the same frustrations when people have lifestyles and weltanschaunngen which turn on [what to me] are the ephemera of life, the social detritus that will never amount to anything, will never have any worth or effect, and is little more than the product of a lack of erudition, empathy and independence of being.

I see it as the distinction Heideggar makes between the Authentic and the Inauthentic (Verfallen). Some people are so engrossed in the act of living they are unable to step back and see themselves, as you put it, as just one unit of life in a grand scheme. They can't see how trivial their level is, or the grandeur of the grand scheme. In my own words, I'm interested in Mission [of Humanity] not the missionaries carrying it out, striving for what we can achieve as a race or species, the millennia-span crusade by our species not merely to survive, but to give [hopefully ever improving] quality to that survival, so that it isn't just survival for survival's sake but survival with purpose - unlocking the secrets of the firmament; - the soaring freedom of thought; the "sanctuary of art" and the glory of heroic privation, courage and endeavour in the attainment of answers.

When people lack a powerful reaction to a political concept, or aren't moved by a painting, don't swoon at an overture or just seems incapable of asking questions about the world I start to question how we can both be labelled the same species when one of us seems to have little more than animal motivations and the other wants to wrestle with Gods. I pity such people because I think they're missing out on the greater part of what it means to be human. We've so incredibly fortunate to be essentially the only beings with higher consciousness, creativity and emotion capacity, yet the bulk of our population seem not only unwilling to exercise those faculties, but to positive attempt to mute and deny them.

While I don't have any clever suggestions for what you should call her, it'd be nice to hear more about her. Haven't really heard much from her since you two moved (I guess that's what you get when she doesn't do online communication much, while I don't do offline much... ;-)

I wish I didn't do offline much either. Real life sucks.

Well, quite - there's a reason I prefer online communication...

(Deleted comment)
I wouldn't know anything about that... ;-)

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