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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I don't like people.

(This post was prompted by what Mrs Crabtee (the 'Long-haired sergeant-major?') just brought to my attention... some guy told some other guy that he couldn't continue to smoke in a pub... the latter guy shot him in the face.)

Seriously... smokers really annoy me! And by association, so do all people.

Especially stupid ones.

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That's appalling.

I hate that my boss is ignoring the no smoking rule and smoking in the office.

I don't like people either, but it means the ones I do like are very liked indeed!

(Sorry I didn't reply to your text Saturday, didn't notice it come in until it was quite late and you said you were getting an early night so didn't want to risk waking you with the beeping! Didn't do anything, just watched "The Rock" with Glen and fell asleep.)

Myself, a senior and a colleague were all in a van. The senior was going to start smoking, and I told him he couldn't (in a matter-of-fact way, not projecting an intent to actually stop him) because of the new laws (it was a work vehicle). Both of them were exasberated (sp?).

Anyway... it was beautifully ironic that as he was telling me about smoking being ok in vehicles he was looking for his lighter in the right-hand-side door: he ran a red light and nearly ran over a pedestrian.

We emergency-stopped, and the poor pedestrian put his arm out; we 'merely' knocked him a little (on the hip).

I was angry and gleeful.

i read that in the news.

:( i hope the guy recovers and they catch the prat who did it

Yeah I hope they catch him but... more importantly, I hope the general trends that produce criminal anti-social mentalities can be stopped.

For example; smoking is positively correlated with smoking, and both smoking and stupidity both correlated with going-on to commit crimes. If people are better educated, crime and smoking rates both go down.

Oh... and I rather think that tighter control over the availability of guns helps too...

That and the family of 12 who have been put into a £500,000 home by the council after one of their younger delinquents burnt down their previous council house playing with a cigarette lighter.

That is an admirably twisted post.

I didn't mean much of it, not literally.

It was more or less evident that you had your tongue in your cheek, though less evident exactly how far.

Excuse me, I feel the need to award you a Cool Point. *stick*

Oh my, I've never had a cool point before!

(Deleted comment)
Doesn't sound good... although, as you are pretty well self-educated in medical matters, it doesn't surprise me that you can teach the professionals some errors of their ways.

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