Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

More trash workmates

Today 5 of us are in 'civilian' clothes, we travelled to St James' in a coach with Team 2... who, apparently, found my Cyberdob tshirt so hillariously funny that they took, en masse, to making fun of it and shouting comments at me. They were behaving like ignorant, spiteful schoolchildren, fucking cunts... I had no idea why the phrase 'cyberdog' has such a big impact on the mundanes, but apparently it does. I stood to the side with a few of the more-responsible minority.

I argue with all of them about everything, from recycling (they don't do anything, and don't see the point), to tolerance of people who look different, to the simple way we use English (they swear more than they talk, use stupid phrases all the time, and I stick to clear, concise logical non-fun English).

Anyway. I chose to live amongst the untermensch to learn about them, and I've largely learnt: We are right about them.
Tags: misanthropy, people, untermensch
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