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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Feline Existential Crises?

Sometimes as our small black and white cat, Missy, wonders around sometimes I get the impression that she is lost and aimless. She doesn't particularly want to be fussed or played with, nor does she seem to want anything in particular. She wonders slowly and hesitatingly in and out, here and there... I can't help thinking that she pains over what the point of life is.

Why, ever, would you want to wake up, in this world?

I know my answer: To improve it.

But what is Missy's raison d'être?

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Why, ever, would you want to wake up, in this world?

The reason starts with the ceiling, the bedcovers, the wall, my body, the morning sunlight, and extends on out from there. It extends to wandering slowly and hesitatingly in and out; it extends to improving the world; it extends infinitely. <:)

A cat's reason for living is to improve the world and make the world a joyous and magical place. They don't have to do anything, just lazing about in the sun, wandering about in confusion and purring is enough.

Imagine a world without cats! *shudders with fear at this idea*

Missy may well wonder what her point is but, as with all cats, it's just to be lovely and snugglable, a playful friend, or a soft warm pillow to cry into when one's own contemplation of existance gets too much!


I'm a filmmaker and i'm currently writng a piece of fiction about a love story involving a satanist. im just doing a bit of research for the script and the vexen keeps cropping up. I was hoping i might be able to have a chat with you regarding the whole satanism thing etc. please fell free to e-mail me at craig_ford84@hotmail.com. I'd love to hear from you.

regards Craig

I read a lovely short story once, that explained why cats run around all bonkers wreckin' shit when nothing is going on. Apparently, they have a 6th sense that there's a hole in the universal fabric, and it's their job to use their kitty mind telepathy to close the curtains on it. (so they tear around back and forth - fixing the universal perception for us ungrateful humans - who can't see the danger.) This is why they're so smug, and feel entitled to our care. (and also why they NEED to be independent.)
of course, this was told by a couple of talking cats, and who can trust THEM? (they weren't even wearing boots.)

So, people - cat people - will justify their fuzz-butts existence in all sorts of ways. Cats are just well adjusted enough to accept their circumstances and be chill about it. They can take care of themselves - if they need to. They're ok with that. Their roll in the universe, is to just BE. (and lower people's blood pressure. And give crazy cat ladies something to lavish affection on, so they don't steal other peoples' kids and warp them with their goo-goo baby talk and stupid outfits. Some people should NOT breed. Especially cuz they loose interest in kids when they're no longer cute fashion accessories beholden to their care.)

To be cute. :)

You could try adopting another cat, so she'd have a playmate again?

She has been much happier since Casper died. Mrs Crabtree and I both agree that she prefers to be on her own! She is a small cat.

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