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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

A 500km Impact with Earth

Isn't this just awesome? It's ideal and obvious that the most ancient life had to be the subterranean "extreme-ophiles" and anaerobic, heat-loving simple single-cell type, as nothing else would survive this:

Chiron, a recently-discovered planetesimal, is on an unstable orbit near Saturn and measures 180 km across. The consequences of it hitting the Earth are too horrible to contemplate. And Chiron is by no means the largest known minor planet. Four billion years ago such objects would have been far more common than they are today. [...]

An impactor 500km in diameter would excavate a hole 1500 km across and at least 50 km deep. A huge volume of rock would be vaporized in a gigantic fireball that would spread rapidly around the planet, displacing the atmosphere and creating a global furnace. The surface temperature would soar to more than 3000 ºC, causing all the world's oceans to boil dry, and melting rock to a depth of almost a kilometre. As the crushingly dense atmosphere of rock vapour and superheated steam slowly cooled over a period of a few months, it would start to rain molten rock droplets. A full millennium would elapse before normal rain could begin, presaging a 2000-year downpour that would eventually replenish the oceans and return the planet to some sort of normality.
"The Origin of Life" by Paul Davies, p140-141.

I read The Origin of Life while on holiday (I'm back now! Hi! Photos to follow!) and have got quite a few quotes from it. It is not groundbreaking stuff anymore, but it also gave me a good understanding of the hardy little critters that we call extreme, but they'd call cosy. It is us, desperately relying on the sun for heat and production, living on the cold, weather-prone surface of the planet that are the extreme ones, trekking out to the surface where we have to build our own metabolisms because everything is so cold!

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I've not read that one yet but it's in the queue.

I've actually always found it annoying when people describe any animal that can survive in conditions we couldn't survive in as "extremophiles". Why assume that they are the extreme ones? Why assume that conditions have to be human-friendly (or even all of Earth-life-friendly) to be life-friendly?

I hate anthrocentrism too. Or is it species-homocentrism? Either way, some people just aren't suited for real life!

The Gulf of Mexico is an impact crator that took out the dinosaurs. Have a read up on what they found in the core samples. It was a big old bang!

Yeah I know, cool stuff. Or, rather, cooled stuff.

One would hope so with the nuclear winter afterwards ;)


Revelation 8:10-11

"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water - the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter."

God is sooooo cool. :>

If by cool you mean "immoral monster", then I agree that if there was a God, and also if Revelations was a description of what God will do in the future, then sure, God is "cool".

* How can a star fall on to a planet, when a star's gravitational pull is millions of times greater? The planet would fall into the star.

* One star can only fall on a third of the oceans, if the world is flat. It isn't.

* If the Third angel had a choice about whether to blow that trumpet or not, then the Third angel has no compassion or morals... "I was just following orders" is a poor moral excuse for a HUMAN, let alone an angel.

* No Good god would ever let such a thing happen; yet a major impact 65 million years ago wiped out the dinosaurs, and, major disasters continue today. If the Earth was 'designed' or God is a 'father', it must be rather a drunken, violent, uncaring foreman.

Examine your beliefs more carefully, you might find that you are leading yourself into cookoo-land, delighting in destruction and believing in absurdity.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Foolishness :>

Don't just quote random bible verses. Either you admit your illogical nonsense has unanswerable flaws, or, you make some kind of attempt to answer my questions.

I'm deleting your insultingly unengaging rants until you make some kind of sense.

Re: Wormwood

It's God's warning to all humanity what is coming via His wrath on the rebellious and unbelieving. He's "warning" out of Love to get us to turn to Him and believe before it's too late. Yes, it's God telling us what is going to happen in the future. It's "cool" He warns us ahead of time and it was in line with what you were writing about. I could not resist posting it. :>

It has the power to stop asteroids and destruction... it's not "cool" that it warns us, but still lets it go ahead! It doesn't make sense for a good God to care to do such things.

And... why would God want to inflict "wrath" on the unbelieving?? That makes no sense... what, exactly, would a supreme being want individual living beings to *believe*? I believe, for example, that we will in the future create a quantum theory of gravity. I believe it because an expert physicist (Stephen Hawking) has said so.

How do I find out what "beliefs" are the right ones, in order to stop your immoral God "wrath"ing on me? And... if your God does behave in such a monstrous way, why is it you appear to support it and promote it? Mass murder is mass murder, even if it is a God doing it.

(Deleted comment)
Please don't rant incoherently, there is only a point in talking if a response addresses the previous comments. I.e., answer my points and don't just continue as if I didn't ask very important questions.

Re: Wormwood

How am I "inchoherent?" I think I have expressed myself quite coherently. You just DON'T like what I am saying because you want to DENY God so badly, that you just want to "erase" Him, like you did my answser. God will NOT be erased. Whether I quote "random" Bible verses is not the point, it is that you DON'T LIKE what the Bible verses say. Is that not true??? Give me the same respect that you want from me ... don't rant on incoherently and answer MY questions. Is it not true that you don't agree and don't like what God says in the Bible??? However, I will concede to this ... you do have the right to not agree with the Bible, as God GIVES YOU that right by granting you "free will." However, as God states, you will "suffer" a consequence for that decision. Let me ask you this, do you, even remotely, think there is a God??? If you answer that, I will have a fair debate of questions and answers with you, but you need to agree to not "erase" me if you don't like how I am answering you. Do we have a deal??? If so, answer the question above re do you think there could be a god, and I promise to have a fair and sane debate with you, but you must be fair and sane also. How about it?

It's a matter of rationality and evidence, not of what I "like". I search for the truth however distateful it may be.

And... I couldn't help but notice you still haven't addressed the points I raised.

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