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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

I am tidy

I like things to be clutter-free and simple-looking.

It's a one-way unappreciated struggle. No matter what the excuse-of-the-month is, Mrs Crabtree thinks tidy but in reality, disregards tidiness, and actively resists attempts to tidy. She gets annoyed just with the idea, even though she claims to be tidy... there is always the excuse-of-the-month!

Most the house is tidy now excepting the basement (which I don't mind about) and her side of the bedroom.

Stuff for Thurs/Fri/next week:

* Clean stuff
* Fix PC
* Get VoIP phone working
* Write up lots of notes (new pages coming on Zombie Necromancy and World Government)
* Lots of misc stuff from notes.txt which is too boring to mention

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Mrs Crabtree sounds like my former housemates. Before they moved in they were self-proclaimed paragons of cleanliness and tidiness. Once they moved in however there was mould growing on the dishes :| Their answer to emptying the bins - don't do it...instead...have an indoor compost bin, but don't empty that either...so they house was infested with flies. Then...they decided to get a wormery and the rubbish to the worms. Only they didn't fasten the lid on properly so the worms crawled out and the cat must have thought we'd bought her the best toy ever...

As for paying bills promptly...I'm amazed I still have a credit rating...

Ah, she is clean, so definately no problems with anything hygeine-wise. Clean, but messy. And more organised with the bills than I am. Our main difference is that she is cleaner, whereas I am tidier.

I've had some whirlwind-mess housemates in my life, too, so blind and uncaring I didn't think it possible to live like that!

Actually your housemates really do sound like they were nightmares.
Worms and flies? *shudders* I'd die.

Ah well, you've got the better deal then. Untidiness is bearable compared to uncleanliness.

And yes, they were the worst. Ironically they couldn't work out why they kept getting ill...

My lifemate is the "tidy" one in our pairing. I am convinced that tidy and untidy are a nice match. I figure tidy&tidy and untidy&unitdy are not such good matches.

I can't think of any tidy-tidy pairings, of all the couples I know. Maybe you're right!

(Deleted comment)
Have I? Oh dear... well, you don't know half of it... but I hardly thought I'd mentioned anything online!

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