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The Number 12: Disciples, Tribes and the Zodiac

"The Divine Number 12: 12 Gods, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes and the Zodiac" by Vexen Crabtree (2007)):

The conclusion reads (briefly; many interesting tid-bits are iterated through first!):

When you see the number twelve, watch out. If the number is employed in a practical sense to divide time, measurements, or angles, then the chances are it makes awesome mathematical sense to utilize such a factorable number as the number twelve. But if you see it used in a superstitious, religious, magical, paranormal, holy or weird way, be warned that it is based on ancient sun-worship, star warship, and ridiculous astrology. As a species we have been using it to divide the solar realm into twelve divisions, assuming that each one is ruled by a personification, a god, a divine being, a teacher, a prophet or a son of the sun. Now we understand what stars, planets and stellar objects are, it makes no sense to retain the mystical, nonsensical connotations of the 'holy', 'perfect', 'divine' or 'special' number 12. Such superstitions have made their way into major religions; there are 12 tribes of Israel as founded by the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 disciples of Mithras and Christ, the 12 Gods of Olympus and according to Shi'a Muslims, 12 successors to Muhammad. The number 12 is useful because we use a base 10 numbering system (using 10 digits: 0123456789). It makes no sense to say that Gods would use a base 10 numbering system: Therefore gods would not divide the skies, their sons, their chosen ones or the message into twelve parts just because we have ten fingers! So applaud the usefulness of number 12... but watch out for those who are deluded by the pagan, irrational, magical and nonsensical claims made about it! It is, after all, only a number.

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Re: 12 Tribes of Israel - And the UN

Judaism is also the forerunner of Islam and the Baha'i Faith... but it doesn't make them true, just like it doesn't make Christianity true just to say it emerged from earlier religion. All religions have done!

Re: 12 Tribes of Israel - And the UN

You keep forgetting Islam and "whatever" that other faith is are SATANIC and not of God. When I say the "forerunner" to Christianity, the Jewish Prophets, etc. in the old testament, especially Isaiah 53, "perfectly" predict the coming of Jesus. The scriptures don't mention "Mohammad" or any other "false god" in any way, shape or form. Also, the Jewish ceremony of "sacrificing" the "perfect and spotless" lamb so they would be forgiven of sin (temporarily) was a shadow of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross (the perfect sacrifice) for our sins. Judaism POINTS to Jesus (Christianity) in all their scriptures. I've read the old Testament and I don't see "anything" that would point to the Muslim religion or any other one. However, as for Ishmael and his "descendants", the Arabs, God did say they would be like "a wild man" never to be tamed and ALWAYS at emnity with their brother (the Jews). Now, gee, you don't have to be a genius to figure out that was written about 6,000 years ago and is true to this day! The Jews and their "half-brothers", the Arabs, DO NOT get along. The Jews call the Arabs their "brothers" because they and the Arabs know their ancesteral father is Abraham. However, unfortunately, the Arabs have been influenced by Satan and seeking to destroy EVERY Jew.

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