Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

A loyal cat!

Recently I've been admiring how loyal our cat, Missy, is. She does the normal pet thing of following us around the house all the time; she sits in the bathroom with us as we get ready in the morning, goes to sleep in whichever room we're in, follows us around casually from room to room as we do housework, and meows at us from inside the house as we return from work. And none of that is counting her extra-affections at feeding times or when she wants to go out.

Anyway... just one example from earlier today, she was out, but I wanted to go out to drive to a nearby town, so I wanted her in. I went to the back door, shouted "Miseeeeeey" once, not very loud, and she immediately came running from one of her resting places in a nearby hedge... jumped into our garden, and trotted quickly straight into the house.

Admittedly, we have taught her pavlov-style, so, I did of course give her some cat biscuits. But she really did deserve them, because she's loyal and almost obedient!
Tags: animals, cats, family, missy, pets
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