Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Someone cares!

Soon, I am going off, on work, to a faraway foreign land for about six months (again - same place as last). It is a place famous for freezing desert colds and searing desert heats. Anyway, I picked up the box of personal kit that my work are giving to everyone going this year. In 2006, I was pretty impressed with some of the stuff: Expensive anti-sun, anti-radiation sunglasses, strong bags and all sorts (beside uniforms).

This year... as I will be there when it is much colder... I have "extreme cold weather" socks and boots... wristlets (long socks for the arms!), and a pair of inner/outer mittens that are so big they would look good with a spacesuit.

Even tough sandals (which I am unlikely to wear, given the fearsome and aggressive insects out there).

It made me blurt out to Mrs Crabtree that "someone cares!".

I don't often have such a feeling when it comes to work!
Tags: work
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