Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
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I am incredibly offline at the moment. My only access to the Internet is via satellite links that are difficult to maintain.

In my new location at work, I am administering a network of over 100 laptops, 3 stacks of servers (DC, exchange, backup storage units and routers) plus spares, and a system of about 10 radio stacks that form the long-distance parts of the network. I've got fibres, cat5s, coax, switches, converters and radio links hiding in every crevice for kilometers around, and I am pretty much on my own in keeping it all together.

I'm in the desert, by the way... so sandstorms, freezing cold and melting heat all conspire to continually knock parts of the network offline. Also, 600 non-IT users play their part too.

I'm slowly getting settled and forcing the network into a state that makes me happier than it does now.

I have merely two guys; they serve as helpers rather than administrators, but they are pretty loyal and one of them has good IT senses. The other hates IT and isn't interested in doing anything at all, I have to manage him all the time, it's a pain.

I live in a tent with ten other people. The company is good, but the noise, smell, and space constraints *aren't*!

At least we've got hot running water, heating conduits for the freezing nights, and a stable power supply! We are so far from the nearest villages that none of us have ever been to them - not that there's anything there we'd possibly want!

Please be patient with me; I can hardly check emails, let alone continue discussions on places like LiveJournal.

Love you all!
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