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Things I'm working on ATM

I am finishing off an essay on "Arian Christianity (the Father is Greater than the Son)". Arian Christianity was purer and less tainted with paganism that its successor (and made more sense!). But alas, although it was a close call, it was not the Christianity that the Roman Empire was to give the world! My page laments its demise under the ruthless hammer of Nicene/Cappadocian Christianity.

  • Everyday Thinking Errors, about how our cognitive functions mistakenly create patterns from ambiguous data, and about social psychology results in inaccurate beliefs about patterns in the world.

  • Gnosticism - a page on ancient gnosticism religion... probably not for this year though.

  • International Citizens?? Something to do with globalisation, global citizens' pressure groups, the internet, potential world government, anti-nationalism, and stuff.

  • Zombies: Necromancy; a page about the necromancers found in zombie films. Need time to re-watch some films.

  • World Government (nearly finished).

  • Obesity - on permanent hold ATM. About the medical and personal costs of obesity and its prevalence. Have lost sight of why I was doing this page.

  • Seculariation Rates (religion). A collection of stats examining the progress of secularisation in the West, and its challenges and reverses.

  • Neophobia - the fear of the new!
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