Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

I fainted at a funeral, in front of about 800 people...

It was 45 degrees today... in that heat, the funeral went on for the first hour. It was for five workmates who died, in two seperate incidents over the last week. It is the first time I've fainted in my life... I was about the 40th to faint at that funeral. The bearers had all marched on in slow time, the plane had landed... some people had given speaches. The bearers carried the coffins on to the plane one at a time, peacefully.

I started some hot flushes, I thought maybe I was getting blasted from the air from the engines. I got more uncomfortable, and found my legs were shaking. My arms dropped to my side... someone (I learned later it was a good friend, Adam) grabbed my arm. I didn't know why he had, and turned to look at him. I saw some faces and didn't recognize anyone.


Suddenly I looked around; two Finnish soldiers were holding me up, and I was a good 60 meters away. I thought, "why has everyone gone over there?". Then I slowly came to and was given water. Adam had dragged me to the back of the crowd and the soldiers had walked me to the recovery area, which is where I came to.

Weird. My head hurts a bit. I've always wondered what it feels like to faint, and I guess I know, now, although I am embarrassed!

Hey I'm getting out of here in a few weeks for a 2-week break in Germany. Can't wait.
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