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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

I fainted at a funeral, in front of about 800 people...

It was 45 degrees today... in that heat, the funeral went on for the first hour. It was for five workmates who died, in two seperate incidents over the last week. It is the first time I've fainted in my life... I was about the 40th to faint at that funeral. The bearers had all marched on in slow time, the plane had landed... some people had given speaches. The bearers carried the coffins on to the plane one at a time, peacefully.

I started some hot flushes, I thought maybe I was getting blasted from the air from the engines. I got more uncomfortable, and found my legs were shaking. My arms dropped to my side... someone (I learned later it was a good friend, Adam) grabbed my arm. I didn't know why he had, and turned to look at him. I saw some faces and didn't recognize anyone.


Suddenly I looked around; two Finnish soldiers were holding me up, and I was a good 60 meters away. I thought, "why has everyone gone over there?". Then I slowly came to and was given water. Adam had dragged me to the back of the crowd and the soldiers had walked me to the recovery area, which is where I came to.

Weird. My head hurts a bit. I've always wondered what it feels like to faint, and I guess I know, now, although I am embarrassed!

Hey I'm getting out of here in a few weeks for a 2-week break in Germany. Can't wait.

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45 degrees... and I thought we were uncomfortable here in the low 30s. It's currently 15°. You're going to think you've stepped into a fridge.

It's shot up today. It is 40 degrees in this tent, out of sunlight, with air con! I don't know how hot it is in direct sunlight.

Oh, yesterday I burnt my foot! I was walking around outside... barefoot (feels good, despite sharp rocks). I saw a piece of furniture on the floor... it was the back of a chair, with leather stitched on. I stepped on it cos it was nice and smooth... but it was *roasting* hot! I yelped! My foot burnt for about 10 minutes. It was some kind of plastic.

And the other day I put my clipboard down on top of a landrover and it melted to it.

(Deleted comment)
Adam caught me and dragged me to the back of the crowd.

Actually, five died, not four. Some more were injured. Two different events, but they combined their funeral's here. They flew home.

Ouch, so you *did* actually hit the deck.

I am plenty hydrated... I think the hour's sunbathing and 100 situps that I done a few hours before the funeral probably contributed! I did eat just before, though.

Hey I am due a change of workplace - this year, I may move back to the UK, or to another place in Germany, or somewhere else random. I'll find out later.


Howdy do, Vexen,
Here's how thw 'one god' thingy got started


Stay on groovin' safari,
Tor Hershman

(Deleted comment)
My eyesight was fine, but my hearing completely went, first (along with coherent cognition)! I could still look around and could feel someone hold my arm, even though I wasn't aware of people talking to me (which they were, they say).

Hearing is the last to go, eh? I thought the optic pathway and olfactory lobe were both more intricately connected to the limbic system & cerebrum, and therefore that they would last longest during brain death.

Hey, *I* wouldn't be at peace with you dying! You're far too cool and an intelligent asset to mankind.

For the record, about 60 people fainted at the same event (around 800 were there).

Nice of someone to catch you!

(Deleted comment)
Oh good, I am living to at least 100, and forever after that if there is anything I can do about it! (Drink lots of water & avoid getting shot, etc).

Hey I am reserving a decade, some point in the future, just to play games. In that decade, I plan on learning nothing useful. Not yet though.

Boo for superheated weather and dead workmates, hurrah for Finnish soldiers. :)

Finnish? Any Estonian troops there? hm... or they were in Helmand...

*thud* "did he just say thud?"

Oh Mr V do be carefull! What would Mrs V say! (and no im not telling her) anyhow, hope you feel better and see you in a couple weeks! *hugs*

Re: *thud* "did he just say thud?"

Can't wait! It's been hard this time, I hope I'm normal when I get back. I want to get drunk. I'm going to be the cheapest date Sam's ever had! And then she's in the for the best minute of her life :-)

Re: *thud* "did he just say thud?"

Oh I can't wait.

Oh man, that sucks. I assume you were standing in some formation for an extended period. Happens. If you were #40 down at least you know you are not the wimp of the bunch, eh!

I assume that you did not see God during your near death experience. :-)

I've withstood much longer periods of motionless than that... don't know what was up that time round. I *had* been sunbathing in 50degree heat earlier in the day, and then done 100 situps... I drunk loads of water! Maybe I needed more carbs to turn into sugar to keep me up for longer! Don't know.

Though of you last night when I was watching the news, they talked about the 5 UK soldiers who have died in Afghanistan in the last week...

Well you've probably seen by now, it was actually 9 in total that week. Thanks for the thoughts, I'm keeping myself safe!

You probably thought why was everyone going there because they probably went to Hell. And you were mercifully touched by God to wake you up! It was because God is dealing with you! I am praying for you and know that God answers prayer. To be honest. I want you to go to Heaven!

God Loves You and so do I!


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