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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.
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Hang on in there

I just stumbled across your website while I looking for some statistics on atheism in the UK. It's a great site and well written.

So hang on in there!

By the way, are you one of the legendary atheists in a foxhole?


(Deleted comment)

Re: Hang on in there

You're still going through accounts at a high rate! I get confused!

Please don't turn into a bowl of petunias. Or a Sperm-whale inconveniently called into existence some miles above his local planet's surface.

Can I have a mega statue made of me, then?

Hi Vexen

I wrote a poem it's published in the National Library of Poetry it's called Lily of the Field but I'm going to insert your name in there and see how it sounds? Here goes....

What shall satisfy thy life,
O Vexen,
What shall balm thy pain,
Shall calm thy strife?

For Life is a smoke, a vapor,
And thou, O Vexen,
Art of the fading field,
In a twinkly, thy life shall disappear.

To love, to hate, to mourn,
to live, to die are thy paths,
In this variegated field.
Vexen, that is why thou wast born.

And thou, Vexen, art of the field,
bud, blossom, bloom, and all.
Thy flowering season hath a reason,
But in thy season what beauty shalt thou yield>

Take heed thy day, take heed thy way,
Take heed thy all and all.
Eternal glory or eternal shame,
Where shall thy destiny stay.

I always wanted to write a poem on here. The parts where it said Vexen really said Lily. The title is Lily of the Field. I worte a long time ago. But since My Muse hasn't inspired me with much poetry lately. I thought of writting this poem to you since I always you on your web-site.

I hope you find what you are looking for especially in truth. And whatever is difficult in your lifestyle maybe change is good.
You are in my prayers.

Best Regards,

Hi, I just re- read my message, and I have a few spelling and punctuation errors. Sorry about that. I meant it in a good way and wrote it for you cause I read all your poems and they inspired me to share a poem with you too.

Sending a smile your way, and have a nice day!


My condolancies, Earth man :/

I'm sorry. :( I'll donate to the mega statue building fund though. :)

I don't know what to say but you are on my heart. I find myself thinking of you and I don't know why. I believe that it is God that is doing that because God is Good and Satan is Evil. And don't confuss the two...Is this really what you want? Or is there something bigger better out there for you? God is sooooo much better than Satan and it's not even about a higher power because Jehovah is God and right now Satan has you in his grip but God is trying to save your soul from hell and from him. Do you really want that? or is there Hope left for you! Read my poem again Vexen cause it deep. It is not flesh and blood but spiritual principalities and powers. This is God's Mercy talking to you! Because God is Real.

You know it too. You know God is Real you have tasted God before but the Devil tricked you. That is what he does best. Yes, Vexen there is still hope for you yet to come.

Right now you are sick of your life because I would be sick of living for Satan too. Living for God is even more precious and Awesome and more wonderful and better than anything and God sure fills that empty void that is left in your heart.

I love you because God Loves You.

Love Always,

Vexen from now on I am claiming you for God. You will no longer belong to Satan but you will belong to God.


You will be rewarded greatly because God is Good and God has been Good to you. God shines the sun on the good and evil every day. God Loves you very much and I love you very much too.


Hope you don't mind the totally random add. I found a lovely photo taken of a cybergoth girl while google-searching images so I thought I'd check out the journal...I see we have a few things in common so I thought I'd add you. :)

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