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Summoning deep noise and a black memory of power

The memory of the dark void, and of that source of knowledge, strength and patience with the world that comes from hell, and that power within yourself to smash your way through any obstacle with the utmost grace and compassion but also without any undue restraint: The memory of this power, the power that drives and for which you hunger, this power that cannot readily be duplicated.

But you can see it sometimes, perhaps only once or twice in your whole life, and the power corrupts completely any desire for heaven above or a will to sort "good" from "evil". This power is pure black grayness, it extends underneath everything that can be learnt or used, it is your hand on which the world rests.

Powerful music and echoing screams can sometimes remind you of these visions. The deepest music; the noises that make you feel strongest the urge to go into the world and make something of yourself are related both to the fear that makes you want to destroy your enemies, and the insecurity that makes you want to find stability.

The black memory of the power that resides within your soul, the power to go anywhere and do anything, can be found in black heart music. Raging torrents of sound that can overwhelm, but only if you step into that stage of mind associated with death, can bring with them calm resolve and deep confidence that will endure and be reflected in the faces of those that look on you.

You can view the black pits, and return with deep knowledge, and you can hear the screams echoing backwards from your own irresistible death. Sometimes, these memories are served best by the music that inspires you, or by those who have seen more than you. The closer they are to it, the more they will impact on your mind. Strands of it are expressed with creatively destructive noise, strands that affect the minds of those that may have seen the same, or at least in those minds that have tried to cheat death using the oldest known methods!
Tags: poetry, satanism
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