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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Religion, Violence and Crime!

"Religion, Violence and Crime" by Vexen Crabtree (2008) Contents (for now):
  1. Violence and Religion
    1. Religious Wars: Politics and Culture
    2. The Role of Strange Beliefs
    3. Africa: A Modern Christian/Muslim Front
  2. The Divine Endorsements of Violence
  3. Monotheism and Violent Intolerance
  4. Discords Between Religious Belief and Law
  5. Why Are There So Many Catholics in Prison?
  6. Sex Crimes
  7. Conclusions

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My family is traditionally Catholic although I was never brought up in the Catholic faith certain aspects of it were always present. One of the things I found incredible about Catholicism is that no matter how much you sin there is a get out of jail free card in confession and repentance. The only things that are so bad that you will never be saved are abortion and divorce! (And a lot of Irish Catholics that are in a matrimonial situation that would normally be divorce choose to live seperately whilst still married and live in sin with new partner because that you can repent from, but not divorce *boggle*) So maybe the amount of Catholics in prison is representative of the fact that, as far as they're concerned, God has forgiven them for whatever crime they did and they can carry on doing crimes because the Hail Marys don't stipulate that you mustn't ever do it again!

Just wanted to say "Hi." I added you as a friend. If you're up to the challenge, you can add me back if you like.

I'll get to the articles a bit later. I wanted to say that I love your website. Very concise.

Have you ever seen the Monty Python movie The Meaning of Life? It's worth a view if you haven't, especially the bit where they poke fun at Catholic breeders. ;D

King Jesus

Vexen the Chosen One-It's obvious that the path of a true chosen one is usually dark and rocky. You are obviously wise and I know for sure you are chosen. You never seem to talk about satan much as the god of this world who obviously is behind the things which cause you to believe God would have to be evil. As the number one Christian lol I would have to say that you answered the question about free will best. I have always wrestled with this but view my side of how I see it as a chosen one...I say How can this great life not be my decisions. How could you have possibly made my life so perfect and great and all the decisions I thought I made myself you determined for me! LISTEN man if we are robots....Im glad to be a ROBOT! Jesus keep controlling my destiny like this forever. Im a robot but you make me feel like no robot. I feel like I made the decision myself! Yet I feel like you do vexen when I do slip and sin I say why did you allow me to do this...but He tells me that His grace is sufficient for His strength is perfect in weekness. Listen I think that your not going to receive the strong delusion. I think we will learn that many many many souls get saved after the rapture. Yea it sucks to miss the rapture...but I think the strongest wisest souls will be those who miss the rapture. These hard headed souls will be the ones who are most grateful for indeed the Word says he who is forgiven much the same loveth much. I also believe that God is no respector of persons therefore those who missed the rapture will be the same in heaven regarding knwoledge and ability to grow. However the free will truth could be a major blower. BUT those I also belive the ones who arent chosen would never consider a thing in depth like you (a chosen one) I think they dont even care or consider though you lead many away from the path the same God has chosen you to lead many to the path (something like paul or st paul as you say). Just read his story. Love you man.
READ THIS!!! It makes me think of you the one who deceived the young boy http://www.hissheep.org/messages/visions_of_heaven_and_hell.html

The only difference is that all of your life was so that you will be a prisoner to God like Paul when he chooses to begin to use you for your destiny. I belive your work will begin after you miss the rapture. Amen
Brian Burke sonofpaul@gmail.com

Re: King Jesus

I made a couple of typos listen what I mean is that those who really are not chosen dont even ponder or consider these deep truths as you do. In other words satanists are chosen people who have not come to realize it yet. But the man on the porno site just banging the girl and making movies and eating food and banging more women he never debates these things in his mind...its like God makes them ignorant to the fact that they arent chosen while they are deceive you know too much to be not chosen. You seek truth and it shall be rewarded. But what about all the other dumb deceived children how can we get them to see before its to late. How about you invest these countless hours into something usefull vexen you vexed hoe! lol Love brian

Violence in buddhism

Very well written.

One little comment on buddhism: transgressing a vow is only acceptable if it saves lives AND there is no other way around AND you are infallible about that. The ultimate point is not to protect the doctrine, but to protect those who would be killed by people abusing the doctrine.

Of course it's still controversial, and relies on the fact that a buddha is infallible about judging the consequences.

Reg violence in hindu texts

I find that whatever you have written here about Bhagavad Gita is totally out of context. It has and will never encourage religious violence because of the fact that the atma is eternal. This is so because killing is termed number one offence, be it suicide or killing others. The context of the Gita is a very peculiar one where the kshatriya dharma was at stake and doing one's dharma is the utmost important duty of any person. However the complication there was that the opposing army had so many elders, teachers and relatives of the same family and hence Arjuna was worried. Also, it is most necessary to wage war to punish evil(note this is not a religious cause because both sides followed the same vedic religion).

Therefore, it is totally incorrect to say that there is any idea in Gita and other hindu scriptures that encourages killing of people following other religions.

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