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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Debates Site

I've been withholding information from 4 people; Makali, Obsidian666, Azozath and @stolath. I'm writing a debates/essay site, that allows threads of conversation to continue from products/essays (it's a customizable system). Which kind of is similar to what the above 4 all use, and to Makali's Republic.

Mine is called... unimaginatively "The Debates Site".

It allows multiple groups to exist, each with an admin who can assign registered users to his group.

The admin/registered users can post top-level posts, such as CD-info, Book-info, Essays, URL's, and then anyone (public) can reply (depending on group settings).

It's a cross between LiveJournal, Usenet, and a non-public bulletin board.

The system hides the existence of each group from one another because you can only view a group if you know it's name.

So it's invite only... but. It's expandable and very useful, and will be set so that it can be seamlessly included as part of an existing site.

It'll be finished next month, but will probably become useful to me personally much quicker, so you'll see previews this month. Maybe. I'm only coding it during lunch breaks!

It wont look as good at Makali's Republic (or have the voting systems), it wont be as user friendly and publically accessible as @stolath's UK Satanism board (, or as friendly/public Obsidian666 & Azozath's joint essay/board (

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I don't mind, really! :)
Actually I do a bit, but I shouldn't, so that doesn't count. I can't blame you for not having a use for Republic :)

A big excuse in my favour is that I'm doing this for my company. We're doing it for free for 2 groups, and then my group, so basically 3 groups will be used to sort out teething problems. Beyond that, however, there will be a charge to create a group. So it wont really "compete" with Makali's Republic.

You'll also be able to auction/sell groups... imagine that! Build up a popular group, and then sell it. So it is truly Evil. If it all works out then we'll add online credit card stuff for when people buy/sell groups, or pay to set up a new group.

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