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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Windows Vista Search

Does anyone know of any good software I can download to do filesearches in Windows Vista?

I need to search the contents of text (.html) files for specific strings, and Vista just can't do it. I've searched on the Internet and found lots and lots of problems, and very few answers. I've found (through rather a lot of effort) the 'advanced' search options and don't use (the broken) indexing... what a nightmare!

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What I'd really recommend is abandoning Access and installing MySQL instead — it's got all sorts of funky full-text indexing stuff :)

Searching in Access is fine and fast; I regularly search hundreds of Memo fields with results that appear as quick I can type.

What I can't do in Vista is search the filesystem. I have hundreds of .html files (not in a database - in the filesystem), and when I do search it returns dozens of files that don't contain the search string, and misses out many files that do. The files it returns don't have the string in their filename or filepath either, it's almost completely random! This is whether I search using the (broken) index or not... I'm going to have to find some search software to install, I guess!

Some people have ran VMWare and installed XP on a virtual machine on their Vista computers, and used the XP install to search the filesystem.

Have a look at Windows Grep [http://www.wingrep.com/] , a Windows version of the Unix search function. I've only used it once or twice but it seems to do the job quite well.

Or go the whole way and use Perl! :D

If you were going to go to that level of hassle then you might as well just install one of the free unices and then you could just find / -exec grep -l some-word {} \;.

Wingrep is a Windoze util, with a Windoze interface and a clicky set of operators/qualifiers. Doind a search on www.download.com for something like "windows search" would probably also suffuce.

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