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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Internet and Electricity Use

Just skimmed a quote in an article on The Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2009/may/03/internet-carbon-footprint

"Soaring online demand stretching companies' ability to deliver content as net uses more power and raises costs. 'In an energy-constrained world, we cannot continue to grow the footprint of the internet … we need to rein in the energy consumption,' said Subodh Bapat, vice-president at Sun Microsystems, one of the world's largest manufacturers of web servers."

I completely disagree!

Given the massive carbon costs of air transport and petrol and its inefficient use in small engines, it is much better for centralized power stations to use the same resources to keep people at home on the Internet!

Not only does online-addiction reduce people's carbon footprints in terms of travel, but, must surely help reduce crime rates and antisocial behaviour too. It keeps the masses mollified, allows the clever ones to do research from the safety of their own homes / libraries, etc, and in general makes the world less messy if more socializing is done electronically.

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And don't forget the hippy-rates offered by companies now, as well as how Games Consoles have gone teh way of teh webz as well. It's cheaper for having a laff, and also involves less vomit and wasted kebab meat ;)

Oh yeah. It's more bang for your buck entertainment-wise as well. Holidays are fecking pricey, where as a web-server at home isn't. The tourist trade may suffer sure, but I'm not rich enough to worry about that one really. Those firms being in decline will mean less IT gear being bought from Sun though.....

Certainly. It is the importance of balancing one evil out against it's alternatives. Of course if sun can find a way of reducing web server power consumption this would be a further benefit.

All this said Less messy is only true if you don't count who Emotionally messy the internet is, It's far from currently the perfect medium for communication as instinctive human social reactions have not yet evolved to work as well remotely over the internet. Currently it effectively renders it's users something akin to autistic in their socializing. It may be this can only be addressed not by technological evolution but by human evolution (Possibly on a level we won't even recognize. I do wonder if net users of the future will be amazed at what a bunch of utter social inepts we all apear to become online.

Know thy self

Sex who realy knows which type is right for man. Man is brought up under our forfarthers methods of INDOCTRINATION which castrates people of free thought.
The Church is busy condeming the wrongs in peoples sexual behavior ALL mother nature has to say is all aspects of sexuality that occur in man are correct for him as the Animal that he is. Morality and laws say man is above certain ways he never will be. It is evil of a vampiric nature that whishes to depribe man of free sexual thought.
The laws are nothing but what the socalled ELITE think as beaing right for the fools of men.

The Internet

The internet if used with wisdom to premote and sell Satanisem to the Public Mind could make it more Popular than religion I think this policy needs taking up soon.
There are not annoughf Satanist, Lefthand Pathers, or Black Lodgers.
There is a shortage of them and Black lodges have difficulty advertizing becouse of the dam christians.

In most modern countries, advertising is not inhibited by Christians, damned or otherwise.

Questions for Vexen

Why bother with this discourse at all? Why haven't you just killed yourself already? Or, do you feel that is an impossibility? Meaning if you do kill yourself - you will never remember the event and will only be returned to the place you began.

In my opinion, good and evil is plain bullshit. This is nothing more than eternal energy manifesting and observing itself for the sake of entertainment (for lack of a better description). Good and evil seem to be a matter of perspective. Hitler probably never considered himself to be evil, though popular opinion would classify him as such. And there were plenty of mutherfuckers who thought Gandhi was evil. One in particular who thought enough to put a bullet in him. Most circles would not classify Gandhi as evil.

It seems all there really is are many levels of intelligence and ignorance. Quite frankly, I believe there is a higher power. Whether it is good or evil is really no consequence. I have no say in the matter. It is just a way to spend eternity. And, while I wait out the expression of this higher power that I call myself - I figure the best I can do is be as reclusive as possible.

Anyway, all this upside stars bullshit is very dramatic. I get it. You're angry. So am I. What the fuck are we really supposed to do about it? I guess building websites passes the time, huh?

Re: Questions for Vexen

Yeah agreed there is no such thing as 'good' and 'evil', they're both just points of view of the observer. There is just cause and effect, and we happen to classify certain things (a horrible disease!) as 'evil' while we classify other things (an antibacterial!) as good. But from the bacteria's point of view, those 'good' and 'evil' things are the other way round!

Anyway... apart from that I have no idea what you're wafffling on about.


Evil was created by Man in his endless battle he has with his fellow man it makes it easy for him to condem others. If God exists he or it made man to be free to create anything, which man dose hammperd by law, ethics, stupid morality, and a loss of genuine mental freedom which has come about by People not Knowing Themselvs, except what they have read or been taught.
Self need exsploring by hidden forms of self exsploration found in the Occult teaching, same for the Mind.
You dont no yourself you not Fit to practice magic.


Take the natural world: almost every species spends its time either killing other animals, or being prey to them; the natural world is full of horrific violence, for example male large cats that tear apart all the children of a new group he dominates. None of this is mankind's fault: the design of the natural world includes violence, murder just to stay alive ('the food chain'), and it is impossible to live without it. I don't know how you can say that all this is mankind's fault!

Also, take natural disasters such as volcanoes; they cause suffering even of unborn children in mmother's wombs when whole communnities are caught beneath one... this isn't 'justice' for 'people choosing evil' as volcanoes are just part of the natural world. Astronomers have documented the existence of volcanoes on many planets; I do not think that natural disasters are mankind's fault, yet, they cause suffering and evil...

It is clear from the design of life, and from the existence of natural suffering and violence, that the design of the entire universe is infused with cold and evil. If it was created by a god, this universe was created by an evil one not a good one.

I have read all of Leveys books And carnt say I can remember him saying how to use the powers of Darkness , they are a main system that give black magic its power. There are not many books on them eather. Can anyone tell me the best publications on how to use powers of Darkness.?

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