Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Mountain trekking

Monday means another week trekking through the black mountains in Wales at breakneck pace, with heavy backpacks. This is the second week of training, and then the week after it's the same story, but up near Scotland somewhere. Gorgeous scenary, great mountains... shame about the pain! I don't know if I will make it... I haven't recovered from the *last* week's training yet!

Anyway, it means I will be mostly offline. I can do a limited about of Facebook-foo via my mobile phone.

Going to try to write up 3-pages worth of notes from a book I just finished. That is, I have 3 pages of page-number references, and now I'm returning to each of those pages to write up notes on the content. If I can get it all noted down, then I can work on using the text next week on the laptop. The alternative is to take a book I've already read with me, which doesn't seem sensible. Good thing I can type fast!

And working backwards, I spend nearly all of last week in our biggest server room plugged in to the back of a test network, running some scripts on some databases, without any sight of natural sunlight, natural air flow, and mostly alone apart from the occasional guy passing through to change backup tapes. This guy was more of an automaton than a real human though. Result: Yay, tests complete, so the scripts can be implemented on the live networks. Thankfully not by me as I'm away in Wales/Scotland for 2 weeks!
Tags: books, fitness, wales
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