Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

More training, and Psychosomosis.

Off for another week's training tomorrow, right up North almost in Scotland. Setting off Sunday afternoon.

This weekend I've read an awesome edition of New Scientist; I've written so many notes on a great article on psychosomosis; including lots of notes on the "nocebo" effect. What's that then? If the "placebo" effect is generally positive body-healing then the nocebo effect is psychosomatic illness such as rashes, asthma and other bodily effects produced by mental anguish and expectation. So, with this usage, placebo and nocebo effects are the useful and counterproductive halves of psychosomosis in general.

I'm also writing up notes on Nick Davies' "Flat Earth News", which is about where global news comes from, and in particular, about the massive inaccuracy of newspapers and wire news. For example, only 12% of the basic, fundamental facts stated in newspapers are ever checked. There is a massive amount of PR material and activist-injected content, and copied material, which even in the best titles, gets straight into the paper or report without scrutiny.
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