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I need an editor!

I have over 400 content webpages... Ziggy, my database project, keeps track of the last time I spellchecked/editted each one, and reminds me periodically (12 months, 18 or 24) to spellcheck each page. Nonetheless, it is an endless task.

In an ideal world, I would have an editor who Ziggy could email or contact, and that editor would print out pages, red-pen them, and post them back to me. Problem is, it could be too much to do - if they done one per week, that would only cover 50 in a year.

There seems to be no practical way to stay afloat! Maybe 50 a year is fine; they'd eventually get to all of them!

And on a similar note... in a month or two I plan on redoing my massive two websites on religion (Bane of Monotheism, and, the Description, Philosophies and Justifications of Satanism)... trying to finish off other projects first. I might have time in Oct/Nov/Dec to do it.
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