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* The word "like" shouldn't appear through sentences with no meaning. So, like, I know a large number of people, like, who do this all the time, like.

Doing this is just stupid, and makes you sound like an ignorant moron. Don't do it. Get a grip of your communication skills!

* The word "me" doesn't make sense in the way many people use it. I don't like it, me, when people do that, because it is so random that it just throws my understanding of what they were trying to say.

* Know what I mean? Is not a rhetorical question, know what I mean? Some people say those four words at the end of nearly every sentence. I have gotten into the habit of, when they say it, actually responding to the question, know what I mean? "Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm in that habit too!". I have no idea why people keep asking me if I know what they mean, when *they* are the ones that appear to have the English problem!

I am not saying that I have no quirks in the way I speak - such things build character - but it seems that many people (encouraged by all the thick people on British soaps, I am sure) employ the above errors without any awareness that they're talking rubbish and making themselves look stupid!

* Don't even get me started on apostrophes. I am on a training course at work where it seems that not a single instructor has mastered the art of basic English grammer. Half the time, they apostrophize plurals (just for the same of it?), half the time, they don't. This is simultaneously poor English (and poor instructing) and poor consistency. Surely you should know that if rules govern English grammar, then the use of apostrophes must be consistent?

Get a grip of your basic language skills!
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