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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Paedophile Priests and Child Abuse in Christian Institutions

My last week's research and writing has shocked and disgusted me, but here is the conclusion from new page (a re-write of a 1998 page):

"Child Abuse by Christian Priests: Horror, Paedophilia and the Clergy" by Vexen Crabtree (2009):

"Child abuse and paedophilia has been a particular problem for Christian institutions. It seems that the Church's teachings on sexuality, and the general restrictions of the strict teachings of Christian churches, lead to a development of sexual dysfunction amongst its priests. Christian Churches, the biggest example being the Catholic Church, have fought to conceal paedophile priests and move them from place to place when allegations arise. They have tried to deal with paedophilia by sending priests on sick leave or to rehabilitation centres ran by other Christians, but, it appears that Christian hierarchies are the last places you should trust when it comes to dealing with sexual abnormality. The scale of the scandals has led to various Churches declaring themselves bankrupt as they attempt to pay some of the court costs and settlement fees demanded of them. No other industry - even those closely associated with children such as boarding schools - has a rate of abuse anywhere near the rate found amongst Christian clergy. Counting is difficult, but, around 3% of all priests appear to be prone to recurring sexual indecency with children."

There are many example stories within this page, and I have had to gloss over a seemingly endless stream of horrific cases. I will add more country-by-country profiles when I have the stomach for it, but for now I want to put this topic behind me!

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It IS disgusting - especially just 'solving' the problem by relocating the offenders where they can *gasp* offend again. Disgusting, indeed..but not surprising :(

(Deleted comment)
Re: "Forced celibacy and an unhealthy regard for human sexuality combined with convenient "privacy" and secrecy usually do end up perpetrating this type of crime."


I have recently finished reading a book called "Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists and other Sex Offenders" by Anna C. Salter, and was informed that priests don't necessarily become criminals because of "forced celibacy" and pro-abstinence philosophies.

Rather, cunning pedophiles, knowing that their sexual preferences are taboo/criminal, are attracted to and take advantage of the "perks" that come with the priest's lifestyle: the IMAGE of being morally upright; the default, unquestioning TRUST that the average person gives to them; as well as EASY ACCESS to children. They are not "good people gone bad" - they are wolves in sheep's clothing. *THE* Masters of Deceit.

The key point is, pedophiles aim for your TRUST. EVERYBODY'S trust. They try to cultivate a well-liked personality to make it virtually impossible for everyone to even think that they can be capable of crime. And there is no better role to play than a respected, earnest, "God-fearing" priest. (I doubt that any of these criminal priests are truly religious either. They probably just study and talk about it for appearances' sake.)

Pedophiles don't just pose as priests either. They could be someone you know and trust. An alarmingly high percentage of child sexual abuse have been perpetrated by someone close to or related to the victim. It could be anyone you trust. A gentle teacher, a nerdy babysitter, a pious brother/sister...

Oh, and one other priesthood bonus that they like so much: Celibacy. Nobody expects a priest to have sexual relationships with adults.

So... no, it's not the Church's teachings that have caused them to become pedophiles. Rather, their pedophilia caused them to "become" Christians. (Or strictly moral people.)

(Yes I'm the same person who's read the book about sex criminals and posted helpful information above.)

I want to add...

The best solution that sex-crime experts and authorities could come up with right now is prevention through AWARENESS. Everybody should be educated on the nature and procedures of pedophiles.

Virtus.org aims to do this job. I'm not aware of any other sites or child abuse awareness programs right now as I haven't been searching for one. (I haven't even read in detail the Virtus website - and no I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I simply discovered their handouts some months ago - that was the only good thing I found inside a church, lol)... I just brought up this site in case you haven't read it yet and you're interested...

- pluto girl -

Ha ha ha, no, official large-scale research and psychiatric consultation has definately found that paedophilia is something that develops due to abnormal sexual constraints; no official research has condoned the idea that paedophiles have a tendency en masse to become priests!

Pedophile Priests

You are right about CATHOLIC priests, as that religion is a CULT. However, that "religion" is not true Christianity and does not follow the Bible at all. The Bible allows pastors, priests, etc. to MARRY and encourage it; however, the Catholic church imposed its own rules on priests, God didn't. I think that lends to pedophiles being attracted to that church and the "alter boys." However, you really need to hammer on the Muslim religion and what they do to their "children." You know, encourage them to strap on bombs and kill themselves and other people, i.e., namely the Jewish people and Christians. Also, they start this "homicide bomber" brain washing at the age of 3 in their schools and mosques. Aren't you a little more concerned about that? Not that pedophile priests are to be overlooked, but I think these satanic nuts really need to be "exposed" by people. You need to start a whole study and post it on your web site about the child "abuse" that Muslims are imposing on their children through the indoctrination at their schools via text books and, of course, in their mosques. So, post something that really means something and add that to your list of things that need to be posted. I don't believe the world has a clue that this is going on. I mean they are being indoctrinated right now in England to strap on bombs and become homicide bombers to kill you, Jews and Christians. Well, hell, you dislike the Christians so much that you might not mind if the Muslims blow a couple of them up, do you? Only kidding!

Pedophile priests and nuns as well as other denominations

The Catholic Church is not the only group who seem to think they are supposed to populate the world. Though the worst and filthiest there are many more if not all. The Mormon Church under Joseph Smith was utterly dispicable. This pediphile telling ignorant people that ''GOD'' had given him revelations that he need marry their wives and daughters in order to have sex with them..?? How many more. The Christian thought is merelya dirty word to me as well as the boy scouts and girl guides directed by sick filthy people. There is no Christian ethics unless this so called Jesus was one as well and these are only following his example. They need the total punishment of mankind. Death by fire...like their own inquisition.

Re: Pedophile priests and nuns as well as other denominations

If you read the Bible, you will find Jesus rebukes pedophiles, the sexually immoral (includes homosexuality - God actually calls this an "abomination"), the adulterers ... read Romans. HOWEVER, through Jesus dying on the cross for YOURS , MINE and ALL the pedophile's sin, and every sinner on this earth, thank God for "redemption." If you truly are born-again by the Holy Spirit of God, you "repent" and turn from your former evil self and sinning and live to please God, hence, are born-again, the 2nd birth. You are then a new creature in Christ Jesus. The "old man" is put away, the flesh is "crucified." You now live for Christ and not for your own selfish, sinful pleasure. As bad as pedophilia, murder, etc. are, the WORST SIN is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and that simply means you reject Christ, His redemptive work on the Cross and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believer that changes his/her heart and therefore becomes a new creature in Christ, turning from the old sin nature and living for Christ's pleasure and service. And you receive eternal life with God and the Lord Jesus Christ. So, I thank God and Jesus daily that He save my wretched soul and I now live for Him and not my own evil and corrupt desires. Praise the Lord! My question to you, is have you ever committed one sinful act in your life on this earth? If so, how can YOU judge anyone for their sin? There is only ONE judge and that is the perfect and sinless Jesus Christ, Son of God, Yeshua, Lamb of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, King of the Jews, God who came and put on flesh and dwelt among us! May He come quickly!

Re: Pedophile priests and nuns as well as other denominations

So in other words, let's dispense with justice and social stability, because no-one should judge anyone else? Are you REALLY sure that these horrendous teachings are what you believe in?

Re: Pedophile priests and nuns as well as other denominations

No, I did not say to dispense with the justice system! God gave us our justice system. I'm for putting away pedophiles, rapists, robbers, murderers, theives, etc. in jail or give them the death penalty for murder. I'm VERY okay with that. However, while in jail or on death row, one can be truly saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and forgiven of our SINs, but not the just due penalty for our crime. Jesus/God does not EXCUSE your crimes, but does FORGIVE us of them. However, once indwelled by the Holy Spirit that Jesus imparts to you at the moment of salvation, you REALIZE how wretched of a sinner you are and the need of repentance before a Holy God. That makes you thankful for His forgiveness. Then you realize that you truly are a sinner and CANNOT judge anyone else because you are NO BETTER than they are. That's what Jesus reveals to you at Salvation. You are then VERY THANKFUL that He saved your wretched soul from hell. Therefore, you then love Him and have a desire to please Him and not your evil and corrupt fleshy, sinful ways. You desire to have an intimate and personal relationship with Him and Him with you. You then can't help but desire to please Him. You then hate the sin and NOT THE SINNER, for you were a sinner saved only by the Grace of God and therefore cannot condemn or judge another sinful man/woman, ONLY Jesus can, as He had no sin in Him. When I talk about judgement, it is the FINAL JUDGEMENT at the end of your life. Can you go before a HOLY GOD, who is sinless and perfect and say, gee, I wasn't all that bad, please let me in heaven? Well, if God were to do that, that would violate His holiness. There is a standard, that is holy perfection, and no one on this earth can meet that standard, not you or anyone who has ever lived, living now or in the future. NO ONE IS WITHOUT SIN. Hence, thank God, the need for a savior, that is Jesus Christ who took our penalty, the wrath of God, and put it on Himself for YOU. That is TRUE LOVE. I thank God for it! Back to you, a sinner, judging another "sinner" ... sorry, can't do it, as only the perfect and sinless, Lamb of God, Son of God, Jesus Christ can do that. I pray you seek Him today and admit you ARE a sinner in need of His forgiveness, as we ALL do. Praise the Lord!

The Infernal

The power and the influence of the Infernal from the Abyse has always been beyond the Understanding of the Christians and the fools who beleave the nonsense of organized religion. People must develop internally, Astrally and psychicly to no the secrets of the inner worlds. And how to easily make contact with the demons. Some are more frendly than others.
If the man of religion was to gaze at the infernal and be self aware of its true nature he would probably qiut religion and the lies it spreads.
All religions that claim to serve god are just a pack of people who beleave something that is not real. A made up version of god and nature to siute themselvs.

Re: The Infernal

HUH? may God, in His grace, save your soul.

Satan has won the Church

At one time the church may of served the Poor, now and for many centuries they have served to make massive Profits. Satan tempted them off bothering with the poor and got them more intrested in Agrandisment it is normal for human nature to fall back to Satan. It has no where BETTER to go. The Church serv Satan in there own way, nomatter what they say to the contary.

Re: Satan has won the Church

Don't know what churches you attended, but the one I have attended is about helping people and saving souls. Yes, there are a FEW churches that are not representative of true Christianity. My husband and I went to Israel to feed and help the Jewish people on our OWN DIME for 3 months with our "savings." Where do you get your ridiculous and uninformed information? Have you ever really talked to a true, born-again Christian? Do a little research of YOUR OWN and stop listening to scoffers. As a matter of fact, crack open the Bible, you will see for yourself what Jesus and true Christians are all about. Don't harden your heart! Better start worrying about the Muslims!

LOL There are SEVERAL crazy comments on here!!!

Those two above - "Infernal" who talked about something religious, and the "Anonymous" who responded with the words "god" and "pray"...

You two are no different from each other, lol. Very funny.


Just because a clergyman commits suicide after an allegation does not make them guilty. In Briish justice people remain innocent until proved guilty and as such die innocent men. The effect of the questioning of reputation and good name cannot be underestimated.

Child Abuse

Thank goodness someone still believes that children make false allegations. Ask a teacher, in schools it is commonplace and becoming increasingly more so with all the recent publicity

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