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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Paedophile Priests and Child Abuse in Christian Institutions

My last week's research and writing has shocked and disgusted me, but here is the conclusion from new page (a re-write of a 1998 page):

"Child Abuse by Christian Priests: Horror, Paedophilia and the Clergy" by Vexen Crabtree (2009):

"Child abuse and paedophilia has been a particular problem for Christian institutions. It seems that the Church's teachings on sexuality, and the general restrictions of the strict teachings of Christian churches, lead to a development of sexual dysfunction amongst its priests. Christian Churches, the biggest example being the Catholic Church, have fought to conceal paedophile priests and move them from place to place when allegations arise. They have tried to deal with paedophilia by sending priests on sick leave or to rehabilitation centres ran by other Christians, but, it appears that Christian hierarchies are the last places you should trust when it comes to dealing with sexual abnormality. The scale of the scandals has led to various Churches declaring themselves bankrupt as they attempt to pay some of the court costs and settlement fees demanded of them. No other industry - even those closely associated with children such as boarding schools - has a rate of abuse anywhere near the rate found amongst Christian clergy. Counting is difficult, but, around 3% of all priests appear to be prone to recurring sexual indecency with children."

There are many example stories within this page, and I have had to gloss over a seemingly endless stream of horrific cases. I will add more country-by-country profiles when I have the stomach for it, but for now I want to put this topic behind me!

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Pedophile Priests

You are right about CATHOLIC priests, as that religion is a CULT. However, that "religion" is not true Christianity and does not follow the Bible at all. The Bible allows pastors, priests, etc. to MARRY and encourage it; however, the Catholic church imposed its own rules on priests, God didn't. I think that lends to pedophiles being attracted to that church and the "alter boys." However, you really need to hammer on the Muslim religion and what they do to their "children." You know, encourage them to strap on bombs and kill themselves and other people, i.e., namely the Jewish people and Christians. Also, they start this "homicide bomber" brain washing at the age of 3 in their schools and mosques. Aren't you a little more concerned about that? Not that pedophile priests are to be overlooked, but I think these satanic nuts really need to be "exposed" by people. You need to start a whole study and post it on your web site about the child "abuse" that Muslims are imposing on their children through the indoctrination at their schools via text books and, of course, in their mosques. So, post something that really means something and add that to your list of things that need to be posted. I don't believe the world has a clue that this is going on. I mean they are being indoctrinated right now in England to strap on bombs and become homicide bombers to kill you, Jews and Christians. Well, hell, you dislike the Christians so much that you might not mind if the Muslims blow a couple of them up, do you? Only kidding!

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