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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Why Question Beliefs?

New page! "Why Question Beliefs?" by Vexen Crabtree (2009). The contents:

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Hey! Good to see you back- I always enjoy reading your new work.

Faith, etc.

I believe in the one and true God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. However, I do realize that everyone does not hold that belief or ever will. My question to you and all who do not believe in any God at all, where do you get your "moral authority" and compass??? If you are looking to another fallable human being for that compass, who do you look to?? If you say it is inate in every human being to be upright and moral, I would debate that with you, as I see only the perpensity for evil, selfish intentions. However, I do believe some form of "conscience" is inate in all humans, but is put there by God. Even when human beings are doing some form of "good will" towards their fellow man, the real inner driving of that is selfish in nature, as it truly "makes themselves feel good." There is a "selfish" intent in their doing good. It is not truly "sacrificial." As a born-again Christian, I still have those "selfish" desires, but I do recognize that as part of my sin nature to please my own flesh. The flesh is truly "corrupted" by sin, even in the most outwardly, supposed "good person." We ALL are capable of murder and perversion, etc. We all have our own "selfish" agenda and our agendas aren't necessarily viewed as favorably in other's eyes either, nor is it their agenda. My point being, is what is good, moral, right in MY eyes, may NOT be the same way you think of things being good, moral, right, etc. So, getting back to my original question, to whom do you look for the moral authority in your life, how can you look to any HUMAN BEING for that??? Well, if you truly examine all "religions," ALL look to the HUMAN and not the true God. As a born-again Christian, I have read the Bible, Koran, etc. and there is no other book like the Bible. As all other ways, religions look to man as the answer. By reaching some goal of human achievement. The Bible, God's Word, does not ever point to the human being able to become moral, good, etc. in any way shape or form, and tells you that you are INCAPABLE of doing so. As your flesh is "corrupt" with sin and selfishness. In the Bible, God lays down the law of moral authority ... if you do a little history lesson, YOUR laws (civil and criminal) come from the Old Testament, which God gave! NOT the Koran or ANY OTHER SUPPOSED HOLY BOOK. READ IT! Deuteronomy and Leviticus, etc. Anyhow, God is Holy and pure, we are not. When born-again, you come to see your sinful nature and when you do a "good deed" or speak of "moral authority," it is NOT MY view, it's God's view. Also, when I do good now, it is with no selfish ambition on my part, I do it out of love for my Lord and do it because He commands me to do so. TRUE Christians, if you do research, are the most giving and caring people because they do it out of a love for God/Jesus and not out of any selfish motivation. So, again, who or what is your compass of life? Hopefully, not any man, and certainly, I pray, NOT YOURSELF.

You asked: "My question to you and all who do not believe in any God at all, where do you get your "moral authority" and compass???"

It is only immoral people who need a "moral authority", and only the morally lost who need a "compass". For most ordinary people, a sense of decency, good upbringing, societal values, and an genetically inbuilt wish to get on well in society, all contribute to good, moral behaviour.

Unfortunately, though, when people start asserting that they know what God wants, and God can't be wrong, then they can easily delude themselves into thinking that some horrendous actions are the correct ones.

  • The Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg exclaimed about religion: "With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion."

  • Blaise Pascal said: "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."
So I'm not sure where you get the idea that belief in God is needed as an authority or compass, as in history a great many god-believers have done terrible things.

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Re: Faith, etc.

Self sacrafice for anything is silly God dose not reward it in spirit there is no heaven or Hell, just an after life.

This World

We live in a dangerouse world that gets more dangerous daily the ownly thing we can do is to adapt ourselvs to this in an ego way, a mental way, and a logical way and one that fits us and our lifestyle.
We muststeer our self off getting to deep into conflicts others try to put us into.

It is Satan that always held and keeps the bridge to the Human hart those who think this wrong waste there time asking a non Existent Christian God or Sodd for faviors Satisfy Satan he servs to Staisfy YOU most wont accept this and loose OUT: since when dose God ever answer he carnt do the Christians invented him Satan is a real Beaing God is Not.

Re: Satan

Did you ever go to school?


JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!! No matter what you say againat God he was the one who created you!!! he sent his one and only son to die for you, that you could be reconciled with him!!!!!
He knows everything about you!!!! when you rise and when you sit, his seen every tear that you've cried!!!!
when you give your life to the lord your life changes, you learn so much about his peace it's a peace that passes all understanding, his joy, his love!!!!!! his LOVE is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The enemy, the devil is the father of lies he is a deciever, i pray that God opens your eyes to the truth!!!!
The truth will set you free!!!!
oh m y goodness ther's so much peace and joy when you give your life to the LORD, I agree in the army your forced to go to church but thats not GOD!!! If thats what you based your opinion on then your wrong, he is an intimate GOD who loves you sooo much!!!!!! he doesn't want us to be robots!!!! and stand at a certain point, kneel at a certain point!!!!!! His an amazing God and I pray that you get to know who he really is one day!!!!!!!
There is a heaven and a hell and I pray that you go to heaven!!!!!!!
loads of love


I truly agree with everything you say, Anonymous. Beautiful! I myself am also a Christian, and I also understand the comments of the people above. If you don't know the real Lord, and you never did any effort to read the Bible, then you simply do not understand what He promises! He promises only good things, when he 'punishes', it will only be for your own good, in order to give you the BEST afterwards. The other side (DEVIL), well, that's a different story. He only tries to trick you, as he copies everything God tries to do inside us. When we lack the knowledge and experience from Faith, we are most likely to be fooled by satan. That's only logical. When you truly accept the one and only God, you cannot be tricked, you will only recognize His truth. Instead of doing everything you can to deny his existance. And what I don't really understand is, when you reject God, how can you believe in satan? And when you reject 'heaven' as a true paradise, how can you believe in an afterlife? It's like, anti-religious people only accept and acknowlegde the advantages of religion. They try to deny it with everything they have, that there is no God. Yet, they hope to not be lost when they die. Telling their children, when grandmother dies: she's in heaven now. How can you say that if you don't believe in heaven?! Hypocrisy!
And what harm, may I ask, can religion bring? And I mean 'TRUE religion'. You must understand that there is so many false religion, people claiming to know the truth and trying to justify their false acts by it. Then how can you say this comes from God?
Vexen, this is to you --> how can you say that God created sin?? Why?
When you know you've done harm to someone, do you also say to Him: Why did you do this?? How can you hold him responsible for all evil things in the world? And if you believe in satan, maybe you should start pointing your finger towerds that guy, don't you think? How many rock artists have sold their souls already to satan, making them famous and succesful, ALL OF A SUDDEN it's almost like a 'miracle' (satan imitates God)and what does it bring them -> drugs, broken families, divorces, diseases,.... death eventually... do you also hold God responsible for that?
I think that a little humbleness won't do us any harm every once and a while, and taking our own responsibilities.
I can say this since I've experienced it myself, God and the truth have set me free. And I don't ever want to go back. It fulfills my life and everything I do, everyday. When I feel like he's left my side (oh yes, a Christian also has doubts sometimes in hard times), he always reminds me that he has NEVER left me, and that he carries me everyday, as long as I let Him! It's up to me to make this decision, not UP TO HIM!! NEVER FORGET THIS LAST PART.

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