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Vexen Crabtree 2015


"The Ironic Nature Of Possessions" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

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(Deleted comment)
I don't know it. But I'm suspicious of his motives!

I hope he kept some clothes, soap... etc! Ew!

(Deleted comment)
I still stand by the fact that you are another incarnation of Francis...this entry proves it! ;-) And you always say the coolest things.

Oh yeah... yeah it was a bit Francis-y!

Francis is one of my idols... it's your fault for spreading such nice rumours about him!
    St Francis Versus Vexen Crabtree!

  • Yellow haz a freind, nam'd Simon, an Otter, who say'z that Yellow *iz* frances of >asesi< becuose of hiz love for Squirrelz etc.

    odd, that

    if Yellow were II become chritian, he would not do so withowt F b~ing hyz p~saint

    BTW, persesionz are cool, u need them >or me doez< II obtain identity, a full one @ least... when u in the mentle health system, no~one will take u seresly enouth II let u gain anything but the most basic >and importent, 'spose< of skillz, won't let u go II college >w\o a fight<, het a job, live 'independently', gain 'normal' freindz >thatz peepz owtside the NHS and again, W\O fight<. therefor Yellow livez in thiz fudged up sheared house~type~thing in one of the more depressing ariaz of St Albanz which iz CST >Comminiy Suport Team< and doesn't make me faver the human race a lot more than prev... therefor, all hiz persetionz >and there are a few, 1000'z of recordz, a dreamcast\N64\mega drive\master system\our >my< living room containz II tv'z and a monitor\sevril billian Squirrelz< are scattered round the building...

    they are me army, me needz them. somtymez peepz need lotz of prosesionz @ some tym in their livez, one Squirrel persumez............

    define 'Robot', by the way, and don't b lonely... if u want II b lonely, come round, we can b lonely IIgether;~}

    Silly man :-)

    He should have gave it to charity or to the needy... that type of waste annoys me! Western style consumerism and waste!

    (Deleted comment)
    That pissed me off too :-)

    Learning of their exploits makes me think they're Attention-Whores... I don't believe or respect much of what the KLF do!

    They're innovative and individualistic... but they don't do it for me :-)

    i agree wholeheartedly - 100%. read Quentin Crisp's 'How to Have a Life Style'. the only things that are worth acquiring are _skills_.

    but i still can't give up my books or my CDs :/

    I agree. World is transitory, including ourselves... skills are our most long-term asset and least suscpetible to the unpredictability of the world.

    I can't give up my CD's either!

    Vexen who are you....

    An odd question...

    Just a guy, living my life.

    Oh, and preaching a lot too.

    Re: mmm...

    Hey all,
    I was just doing a google on 'possessions and identity' and came across this. Anywayz I moved to China three years ago because I was sick of the rampant materialism in the west and guess what!? It's global! Chinese people used to save every cent of their money for the future, kids education etc., and now these greedy foreign companies are setting up shop and bombarding the Chinese with status driven advertising campaigns. Implanting the idea of 'possessions make your life richer and better so spend, spend, spend.' I live in Shanghai and you wouldn't believe the materialism here ... its billboard city. Even get into a taxi and there are ALWAYS ads on the backs of seats for plastic surgery to improve your appearance so you can get a better job!!! One even stated 'Ache be Happy'. Then there's the case of the business elite here ... you can see the ads on TV ... CHIVAS for the successful business man (a western woman giving some business man a seductive look in a bar because he's drinking Chivas!) So in effect 'Drink Chivas and you can get a western woman (because you're successful and she's attracted by your money and good taste).' Ach! Globalisation = breakdown of cultural values and homoganisation of our beliefs, these corps are setting up a new (monetary)value system to replace what was decent or good in our old systems. The small people just get smaller and the big people bigger. They're spinning the media to manipulate people to buy - buy a better life, a more comfortable life, a successful life - its all about controlling our egos. So if we don't buy into it ... then we're unsuccessful and worthless in society (because society has been brainwashed by their new set of values). So just remember you are not part of this mass culture, you have your own identity, be proud of that because you have in fact more value than money - you have a truely independent mind capable of seeing through the bullshit and lies. Of course we need clothes, but do we need to display designer labels to get attention or admiration? Your character should be what gives you value - not your clothes label. Anyway I'm just giving my opinion. I'd value any insights anyone has to offer ... I'm trying to put together a collection of mixed media artwork for an exhibition (not for sale exhibition!) in a bid to bring awareness to these issues in Shanghai.

    Re: mmm...

    Fantastic... I loved your post and I couldnt have put it better myself... Unfortunatly poor and ignorant people around the world are being brainwashed into beliveing the Western Consumer life is the only way to go... Just look at the Middle East? The Saudi family want to preach wahabi'ism yet they themselvs are the least about double standards!!

    I do constantly struggle to mantain my possesions to a minimum... trying to do the "100 posessions" I have around 400 so need to get rid of 75% of what I own.... Its shamefull to think that I thought i was a minimalist!

    Anyway... great post, im so glad other people think like me...its just a shame that there is nothing we can do about it
    Fatema- London

    things to consider

    Dittimar (1992) states that ‘…we make inferences about the identity of others based on there possessions’ (p.1)

    Dittmar (1995) writes ‘…that possessions symbolise not only the personal qualities of individuals but also the groups they belong to and there social standing generally’ (pp.10-11).

    Dittmar (1992) ‘The notion that we express our identity through our material possessions, and make inferences about the identity of others, on the basis of what they posses means that there must be a socially shared beliefs about material objects as symbolic manifestations of identity’(p.11).

    In a study by Dyl and Wapner (1996) Children were asked an open question about why they have a cherished possession. The study found that participants in the 14-year-old, 16-year old, and 18-year-old age group, responded, ‘‘Because it’s part of my life,’’ and ‘’Because it represents me/my identity’’(p.372)

    Csiksentmihaly and Rochberg-Harlton (1999) write that objects have the power to alter our very lives. For instance before the car people had little opportunity to travel long distances, therefore the car meant the expansion of towns and trade (p.14)

    Csiksentmihaly and Rochberg-Harlton (1999) ‘ … the things people use, own and surround themselves with might quite accurately reflect aspects of the owners personality’(p.14)

    Csiksentmihaly and Rochberg-Harlton (1999) ‘…men and women make order in their selves by first creating and then interacting with the material world’ (p.16).

    Csikszentmihalyi, M., Rochberg-Halton, E (1999) The meaning of Things: Domestic symbols and the self. Cambridge University press: Cambridge (p.

    Dittimar, H. (1992). The social psychology of material possessions. Harvester wheat sheaf: Hertfordshire (pp.1-16)

    Dyl, J., Wapner, S. (1996). Age and Gender Differences in the Nature, Meaning, and Function of Cherished Possessions for Children and Adolescents. Journal of experimental child psychology, 62 (pp.340-377)

    Material possesions have there place where would we all be with out the ted that comforted us when we were little.

    I am doing a disertation on car peronalisation and how it effects our identity and came across your sight and thought i would post some points

    Re: things to consider

    I'll have to find some of those articles, you know.

    Thanks for writing this

    Hello Vexen,

    I liked this pithy and genuinely inspired article. I feel enslaved by the things I own. I am going to give away as much as I can to the poor, and see what happens.



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