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1. I'm still working near Salisbury, managing some large networks. The year-long project to migrate a hundred applications for a few expiring networks on to a new network is drawing to a close. Everyone is fighting to get us to test and install their applications before the old networks are turned off.

2. My 3-month old baby boy is well behaved, is chatty and smiley, and has the white tip of his first tooth appearing.

3. I am making a Facebook game,, SQL Server, and it will be kick ass. But I need advice from people who know how to do Change Management and someone who can draw - in particular soldiers and guns!

4. I have hardly done any writing/website stuff in the last month or two. I am determined to do something this evening/tomorrow.

5. I still don't know where I want to live in the future. I want it to be near a city, not on a flood plain and somewhere at least a few dozen meters above sea level, in the South of England preferably, that is easy to get to London from. But most the home counties are lowlands.

6. I cleared my in-trays last week. And got things done that have been queued since 2007.

7. I still have emailed unanswered from last decade.
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