Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Current Television

Current television-series that I watch are:
  • University Challenge - intellectual quiz-show
  • Being Human - drama, monster-fantasy, and sociological commentary
  • Misfits - drama, superpower-fantasy, gritty, entertaining (awaiting a new season!)

Current trends I absolutely hate:
  • Docu-dramas focusing on important medical conditions which contain almost no educational content, but rather show scene after scene of slow, melodramatic, day-to-day events of a sufferer of something. It is nothing short of freak-show abuse with a pretence of documentary.
  • Documentaries where the central themes are shown so often, and certain paragraphs of text repeated after every break, that the repetition makes the program suit only utterly thick people with no attention span.
  • Reality-talent shows: genuinely talented and well-trained people are let-down by the 'judges', who are all egotistical, utterly shallow, completely unprofessional bickering social retards, whose ridiculous melodrama makes such programs unwatchable. The gossip about the judges and the contendants is all invented teenage-magazine class material designed to make it all more interesting than it is.
  • Pseudo-scientific supernatural investigation programs. They are all utterly fake, completely misleading, laughably simplistic and nonsensical, confused in their theories, and I even suspect even their producers are consciously creating falsehood for the sake of viewers, rather than even trying to do serious investigations.
Tags: tv
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