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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Beloved Life

Throwing away... all my old Stonewall documents. I was a letter-writing activist in my youth! Campaigning for gay rights.

Throwing away... all letters and pointless christmas cards and old birthday cards. Why do people keep this kind of stuff anyway? I'm sentimental... but from now I'm living life, not collecting it!

Throwing away... lots of childhood boxed games.

Am considering throwing away a few hundred 80s computer magazines - Amstrad Actions and Amstrad Computer User.

Also throwing away... holy shit!!! Why on Earth did I ever keep *that*????

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oh dear!

Mostly Games Workshop stuff... I had... Talisman plus ALL expansion packs (about 7 of them). DungeonQuest with all expansion packs and some customized metal models, some conversions. A game called September.

Also am throwing my Tyranid table top army... even throwing away Pinky and Perky, my Hive Tyrant and Carnifex models (big metal ones, fully painted!)... a hundred or so plastic and metal genestealers, tyranids... all sorts of stuff. I *could* try to sell it... hell... give it away, but most of it all is tatty and damaged from getting a lot of usage!

This is what eBay was invented for...

True but I can't be bothered!

Also gone just now...

About 200 Amstrad magazines from 1986 or something, piles of 8bit machine code, a bag or two of tapes and an Amstrad CPC 464 plus monitor!

Want any White Dwarves or know any-one who does? Issues 126-189? I've tried to sell these on eBay and on Newsgroups, but no-one's interested. So I'm giving all these to charity!

Also gone... a few old copies of The Bible. I can get all info I need online, don't need actual copies. Including one big bound version.

Further packing...

Stripped the black material from most of 2 walls.... just 4 more walls to un-black. The lightness of the room is already getting to me, but it'll make me keener and more motivated to finalize my new place.

I sometimes plan on CARRYING all my posessions from one place to the next... I did when I moved from Hatfield Uni to South Hatfield.

This time round I have stuff I can't carry though. Got a black bookcase that has a million tacks on the back I can't be arsed to un-tack and disassemble. Got a double bed... this is *very* hard to manually carry from one place to the next! Actually... impossible!

How much does a van cost to hire *including* driver? For one day. I'll find out later... if it's more expensive than some new furniture then I'll give my current furniture to any needy goths in the St Albans area!

I'm talking to myself on LJ because otherwise this would have been a REALLY boring series of updates to appear in other peoples' friends pages!

I looked at the sky and I thought you were there but it was only my hopes up there, leading myself


I done Latin in year 7 which is when I was (checks on Vexen Timeline.html on PC) 12 years old or so. I was quite good! *throws away textbook* I have no idea how come I still have that... oh... I got a box of old school stuff.

I spent a lot of time at school working hard (I was very antisocial) and waiting to get home and program my 8bit computer! Then spent all time at home waiting to get back to school because it was safer. And it was a school in the middle of Lincoln city... not the nicest plcae in the UK.

Oh... maths books. English. French. Science. Geography. There are some signs (as I look in the backs of these books) of my early development of a language I invented called KK. Symbolic... looked like Chinese and had a similar sentence structure. No wonder I was so good at Chinese, 6 years later! And a shame I no longer use any of those languages too. The current of Life moves Vexen from place to place.

A thick booklet called:


The working party on Rehabilitation policies and services



Actually I was hoping on finding all my Communist notes. I wrote some books called "IRON WORKS" many years ago. I later abolished it because I found Communism encapsulated most of what I believed at the time. And I learnt Communism didn't work, so I wrote IRON WORKS... a new improved version of Communism, which was actually a cross between social communism and anarchy with the addition of a central police system. The system was designed to work WITHIN a country and grow until it replaced present governments. It was all very cult-like.

You appear to be talking to yourself vex :P

Ya I am!

I thought it would be an ideal way of journalling without boring everyone with top-level posts that appear on their friends pages.

Hey sweetie,

I know how you feel. I am a very sentimental person too, and I tend to hold onto alot of my memories by collecting and saving alot of things form my childhood. I have gotten alot better at what to save and what not to, but you know what? Memories are important. So, if you want to keep things, then keep them. Because you only live once, and some day, when you are old and have kids and grand kiddies, you will have something from your past that meant something to you to show them. And not only that, but there might be things worth saving that might be collectors items in the future, to pass on to your kids or your grandkids. I have alot of comic cards and comicbooks that I know will be worth money.

Anyway, I am going to shut up now =-) *hugs, kisses, licks, and bites*

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