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Why Did Some People in the Bible Live So Long?

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Why Did Some People in the Bible Live So Long?

Has a long list of the long-lives of many people according to the Bible, from Adam (930 years) and Methuselah (969 years), comparable to the extreme ages many cultural heroes were said to have lived to in Mesopotamia, Persia, and other ages that embraced mythology. The Bible has several contradictory ideas on longevity; the contradictions between Gen. 6:1-3 and Psalms 90:10, between Gen. 5:5 and Gen. 2:17, have led many to consider the whole idea of the extended longevity of early Biblical characters to be symbolic of their influence rather than to mean their actual physical lifespans.

But best of all, all countries with life expectancy worse than 60 years are highly religious (80% or more). All countries that are more than 60% religious have life expectancy under 75. There are no countries that have developed high life expetancy and retained high rates of religious adherence. And, finally, nearly all the countries with over 75 years life expectancy have low (under 40%) rates of religiosity. In other words, mass-religiosity is bad news for longevity.

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