Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Another epic project!

OK... armed with some database kung-fu, I have set out to produce a Bible and Qur'an analysis website. This means, one html page per chapter (1100 or so them in the Bible), one page per Book (70+ Bible books, across various traditions), one per major section of the Bible (Pentateuch, New Testament, Old Testament), etc.

On the one hand I'm tempted to mechanically inject tons of database-driven notes (i.e., insert all the historical bible commentaries over the past thousand years). But the result would only ever be long lists of mostly junk commentary. So, I'm more inclined towards manually picking out Bible commentaries and writing them into sentences and paragraphs: the problem is, this is a humungous task.

So the solution is to do it in bits and bobs. Advantage: Can start producing bible-chapter pages straight away. Downside: It will start off looking sparse, and anyone browsing will find that most chapters have no commentary, just copies of the KJV and YLT text.

I'm still working on the back end, the navigation bar that floats on the right, etc, but, those things will have to improved as I go along as the site grows.

This has been done many times in history:
  1. There are hundreds of sickening verse-by-verse Bible commentaries all written by God-fearing, Jesus-loving, gullible types.
  2. There are critical texts but mostly based on historical evidence, for example Bart Ehrman's books.
  3. There are idiotic "two hundred Bible contradictions!" sites that are shallow to the extent of being ignorant.
  4. There are some very good "bible tools" and "bible gateway" sites out there that bring together all the others (apart from number 3s^^), presented on easy-to-navigate sites
There are no sites that bring together all sensible commentary and criticism in written English (The Skeptics Annotated Bible is list-driven).

So this project will rumble along with all my others! This post is mostly an apology for the fledgling site as long as it remains in its mostly-uncommented phase!
Tags: bible, christianity, quran, vexen websites
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