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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Mobile Number

Should I openly put my mobile phone number on my homepage?

I can't think of any reasons why not, thought I'd ask you all! Tell me any disadvantages!

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er.. weirdy stalker type people etc??

I get the feeling that Vex would give as good as he got in that respect, given his responses to hatemail on his satanism sites. :)

I'm very polite to most of them!

Guys aren't normally as worried by this as girls, I think...

I've kind of gotten used to those people on the Internet... and I know I don't give out enough information for people to be able to find me in real life... so I wouldn't fear people actually being able to stalk me.

But... your point is one that people should take seriously.

(Deleted comment)
That's good and sensible

Hmm, let's see...Me calling you for phone sex everynite? lol. *bites*

I can't think of any reason why you would *want* to put it on there. There is every possibility that the same as there are webspiders for harvesting email addresses, there well may be one for mobile numbers for SMS spam.

This is an important point!

I hate spam!

I have received 1 piece of SMS spam since getting my phone.

mines been on my site for a while, included on the half a CV i'd written. you could pick up pests, but you could also ust get their number bloked etc etc, it's illegal to haras people by phone.

never had any problems, i'll happily give my number out most of the time, i mean, that's what i bought the bloody phone for, so people could get in touch with me.

if it's someone you don't wanna speak to i think you're probably sane enough to just tell them to sod off :)

Yeah I'm happy to be blunt on the phone!

And it means people who want to call me, can.

It makes me more sociable, perhaps!

Yellow'z advise would b, if u can aford, II have II no'z, one IV freindz one IV 'foez'. however, most phonez seem II display the callerz name nowadayz... fudge it, no reasion. in fact, me'll have a new p.no soon, and maibee a website, so me'll join u... don't want II give home no II just anyone az me in sheir'd acomidation...

nope, can c nothing but major advantagez, once again the Squirrel undisputedly floorz tha human logic once 'n' IV all. right on, Vex;~}

just thought of somthing else...

siom cardz cost a tenner if that...

wyth a new sym card, u get a new no...

u can block owt certen fonez with some networkz...

braek owt those digetz, oh dark one...

insidently, would yt b ok >me meanz, not II anoying< if me sent u the occasanall text message..? *squeakz cutley*

That's a great idea! 2 numbers. But I can't afford it, really... it seems a bit of a waste. And it would also mean I have to carry 2 mobile phones around with me!

II no'z on one phone poss, me nokia had a systme where u could have difrent bleepz IV difrent groupz... still prob expensive, though...

u prob no more zan me enyhoo;~}

OK I don't know you or why you'd want to do something like this, but think very carefully about it. About 2 years ago I had a stalker who lived in Aberdeen - I lived in Sussex at the time. He would phone me about 20-30 times each night, mostly after midnight. Thing is Vodaphone wouldn't block his number, I switched off my answer phone, so he sent me text messages, then when he got fed up with that he sent me viruses on my computer. I bought a new phone, but it screwed up my business because that's how I had advertised the number. Think carefully. I'd never met him, until the court appearance in Aberdeen...

Re: Nooo don't do it!

This is the type of testimony I was looking for when I asked for advice!

On my phone I think I can block individual numbers without having to rely on my provider, that gives me some comfort against your terrible experience!

Re: Nooo don't do it!

I really wish I could have. On the up side I got to see Aberdeen, although I wish it were for different reasons... :o)

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