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Proverbs Chapter 6

A new page! "Proverbs Chapter 6" by Vexen Crabtree. The page breaks down Proverbs 6 into sections, but here is the overall summary:

Proverbs 6 often makes little sense. It argues that to promise your word is to be trapped and that a good way out is to engage in mutual sleep deprivation between you and your friend. Ant-watching is good for lazy people despite ants organizing mostly into war-waging tribes and food-stealing crime syndicates. It erroneously states that ants don't have leaders. It contradicts several verses from Matthew and Luke in a denial of universalism. In a list of 7 things God detests manages to list the same thing twice, and, contradicts several of the sayings of Jesus. It manages to argue against adultery on the grounds of avoiding the consequences, rather than on the grounds of morality. Proverbs 6 makes most sense when it warns that lazy people will become economically poor.
Tags: bible, christianity
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