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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Swasticross: The Swastika and the Christian Cross are similar
  1. A hated symbol of evil
  2. History of the Swastika
  3. The Christian Cross is evil for the same reasons as the Swastika
  4. Is Satanism for or against these symbols?

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"swasticross" comments by chaos

your whole reasoning for your argument on the swastika vs. the cross is self-contradicting and ignorant. You defend the swastika for its implied statements (good luck, peace, and such), yet degrade the cross which symbolizes similar values. Your argument is superficial and not to be taken seriously. If you would take a closer look, you would see the true symbolism. The "German cross" symbolized peace and good luck. The swastika is a symbol of aggression towards those whom are deemed unfit to walk the earth by the ignorant minds who believe the world is theirs to control. Consider the positioning of the German cross (upright) vs the swastika (tilted). Just like satanic groups use an upside down cross to degrade Godly beliefs, as opposed to the Christian community who value the standard cross to symolize the conventional Christian beliefs. I would invite you to look into the true history and complete implications of cultural symbols before you decide to oppose them or degrade them. Assumptions don't cut it!

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