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Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN): In Southwark, London, UK

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Headed by T.B. Joshua, this chain of Christian evangelical churches has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and claims that healing touches can cure HIV and AIDS amidst other diseases, even over prayer lines. They are affiliated with Emmanuel Global Network (UK) Limited (UK registered charity) and run their own TV channel, Emmanuel TV. They have been responsible for at least 6 deaths from patients who were told to stop taking their medication, and, advise people as that their faith healing as a 100% success rate, HIV infected patients can after treatment by the church (through prayer lines and healing hands), go on to start families. Such incredibly irresponsible and ignorant beliefs cause the spread of HIV/AIDS and other serious infections. Shockingly, their UK branch is a registered charity, based in Southwark, London.
Tags: aids, christianity, evangelists, faith healing, hiv, london, scoan, t.b. joshua

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