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LondonFurs this weekend was great. Didn't meet many new people but remained mostly with a few old faces. Did meet Bjorn Squirrel, who was thoroughly nice! Even though I didn't say anything meaningful or have much time, he seems mature and was happy and bouncy :-)

Ia'Kat still isn't back from Dissolution in Sheffield with the nice Straylight. Two nice people!

Done some more decorating... and put up some dangly things from my roof (some some black material), and dangled chains from my curtain rail and other tall furnitue. A few from the roof. I need more of those... especially the black colored, very thin chain. My roof is entirely covered in black fur now, it is very nice and relaxing. No more glare!

I'm going through all my mp3s, updating the id3 tags. I don't know why... but I'm taking the chance to make sure I've filled in all the track numbers and extra information. 1700 done so far, 1000 to do. I do about 100 per day.

Cooked rice and meet. Very nice. Which reminds me that I forgot to get proper meat from Chinatown this weekend! Ah well. I did pick up a few things for Seattle... I'm going on Friday! I keep getting excited about that! Sometimes even in mid-conversation! Going to see a special someone :-)

Been looking through my website at all the old stuff. Updated a few obscure bits. Sometimes I realize just how many 263 pages is for one person... but sometimes it's just incomprehensible. Just a statistic.

Good night all!
Tags: decorating, furry, mp3s
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