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With the demise of Perfspot, Vox and Yahoo! Blogs, and the temporary closure of Xanga, and the revamp of MySpace that makes long updates impossible, there are not many places where I can write HTML blog entries any more! Social media is getting dumbed-down, shortened, made brief, unsatisfying and shallow. I am thankful LiveJournal is still here!

So here are some recent updates to my webpages:

  • Islam versus Unbelievers: Convert, Subjugate or Die: I have added loads of content and a few new sections to this page, e.g., on Qur'anic statements saying to wage war on unbelievers, to abandon wives, friends and family if they are disbelievers in Islam, that non-believers will never be successful and, in addition, that there isn't any way for most disbelievers to ever become believers (hence, the hard line against them). I make note of some of the contradictions and absurdities in this. There is little to give hope to liberal proponents of peace and tolerance in the hundreds of verses discussed on this page.

  • Satanism: The Worship of Truth: I've given Satanic Statement #3 its own graphic at the top of the page and added a few paragraphs and quotations to this page. These include Dr Barry Fagin on the moral value of critical thinking, Aristotle on upsetting theories, and David Hilber's inspiring maxim, "Wir müssen wissen. Wir werden wissen".

  • Theological Problems with Heaven, Paradise and Nirvana: I've added a section to the beginning: "1. The Attraction of Heaven (Why Do People Believe?)." 52% of the British public still believed in heaven in 2003 - although I probably ought to find out how much that has changed in the last decade.

  • What is the Best Country in the World?: An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life: I have updated a few data sets with values from the latest UN Human Development Report (2012) - effecting the Overall Life Satisfaction, Life Expectancy and Development Index tables. I have added a series on the number of Internet Users in the population of each country. I have also added a series on Immunization Deficiency... That is, the percents of people not receiving DTP and measles jabs. The TOP 6 countries remain the same, but Austria, Canada and Hong Kong have been pushed out of the TOP 10 by the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

  • Traditional Religions and Abolition of the Slave Trade: I've added a paragraph to section 1. The Early Slave Trade, War and Rejection of Slave Ownership : Slavery was part of the culture of the entire Mesopotamian area (from which Judaism and Christianity arose) but in Babylon in the era of 1800 BCE, injury to slaves was a punishable offence, although the punishment was only a fine, slaves were better off than in the surrounding areas. Organized Judaism arose from Babylon, and the God that they described in their holy writings happened to reveal to them laws and guidelines regarding slaves that were eerily similar to those found in the wider Babylonian community. Some use this fact to argue that all the verses regarding slaves are merely cultural artefacts, and not God's word. And I have also added half a dozen more verses to the text on the Old Testament and New Testament.

And finally,

  • Islam and the West: Pluralism, Immigration and Danger: Made a few minor updates and added section "4. Violent Fanaticism and Terrorism, Starting With Intolerance" with an example of the way a pro-evolution and pro-women's-choice cleric was forced out of his teaching role in the UK by anti-evolution and anti-women Muslims. The potential scope of what I could put on this page is staggering, so much so that I've chickened out and only made a few minor updates at the moment, due to time constraints.

Tags: heaven, islam, morality, online blogging, religion, slavery, web 2.0
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