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The BBC and its License Fee

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A new page! The British Broadcasting Corporation: Its Status, and Some Issues.

The British Broadcasting Corporation's services and products are used by 98% of the adults in Britain, every week. Its website, mostly news and weather, is the most popular and highest quality of its kind and its natural history programs are the best. There are no adverts streamed on its TV channels nor on its website. In an era where all such traditional services are suffering from the increased competition from the Internet, the BBC is less confident than it used to be, worrying about its own shrinking influence against the mass of more-entertaining but less-informative news sources available online. There are debates about who its services should be aimed at and whether the license fee should be changed or shared.

The contents menu is

  1. The License Fee (and reasons for changing it)
  2. The Reach of the BBC
  3. Benefits of Leaving the BBC Unchanged
  4. Conclusions
  5. Links
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