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Misc. updates to various pages

  • The European Union: Democratic Values, The Euro, Crises and Migration: Fixed a few things up on this page, added a quote from Gerald Heard to section "4.3. Strengthened Democracy Against Lawless Multinationals" on the state of Europe just before WW2. I've added a table at the top of this page showing how the best 10 European countries score on the Social and Moral Index (Iceland, Sweden and Norway come first). And I have moved the URL from to because all my other country-info and regional-info pages are on the latter.

  • General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change: I've looked this page over and improved a few bits, added some references and quotes, and added 3 new sections: "3.8 Vaccines and Inoculations" to the list of historical neophobic reactions, "4. Modern Emanations of Neophobia" & "4.1. In What Ways are We Repeating the Same Mistakes, Right Now?" which lists genetics, wind farms, changes in the English language, and the Internet.

  • Scandinavia, the Crown of Civilisation: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland: I've added statistics from the Social and Moral Index to a chart on the top of this page, comparing all Scandinavian countries (Iceland and Sweden score best). Added an expanded chart comparing various data sets for these countries (life expectancy, GNI, Human Development, LGBT equality, total population, land area and population density). And added some more charts and details to section "9. Religion in Scandinavia".

And the last one - I actually added this in October, but I haven't mentioned it before:

  • Homosexuality in Animals and Humans: Added a few new sections to this page: "2. International Gay Rights Index (Which Countries are Most and Least Tolerant?)" includes a list of the 40 best places and 40 worst places for gay rights, over all of history, and taking into account criminality, marriage and other things. The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada score the most highly, and UAE, Saudi Arabia and a few other Muslim states score the worst. I've added new sections on genetic and development theories as to the cause of homosexuality and updated existing texts. Various studies have found between 20% and 50% of homosexuality is purely genetic, and the rest is due to biochemical influences on the fetus.

Scroll around these updated pages and look for the little "New" graphics as always, which Ziggy will leave in place for ~ 6 months for any new paragraph, quote, or section.

Tags: belgium, canada, democracy, equality, eu, europe, european union, gay rights, gerald heard, homosexuality, iceland, morality, multinationals, neophobia, norway, religion, scandinavia, sweden
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