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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Compare International Statistics by Region and Continent

A new page! "Compare International Statistics by Region and Continent" - Which continents and country groupings (such as 'Small Islands') are the richest, or more highly populated? Which have the best social and moral development?.

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Just read your article about Pakistan, where I was diverted from the page about influence of paganism on Islam (Since I wanted to know if people engage Islam with paganism like Christianity and judaism or not). On both pages, I found your personal descriptions quite negative. The format of your website tries to depict it as an informative portal while in reality it’s actually a vent. Your comments wreak hatred instead of plain facts. On your page about Islam having the influence of paganism, you have written that the Muslim explanation of the iconography originally having been associated to monotheism and then been corrupted by paganists (Which actually is the truth) is false. If Kaaba was a place of worship for paganists before Islam, it was the centre of worship during the times of Abraham even before that. Actually, as per the scriptures, it was the same spot where Adam first asked forgiveness from God (or Allah, as you would please). On your Pakistan portal, you have strongly condemned the unacceptability of LGBT and have associated the blasphemy act to a violation of the human rights. Critcising women rights is your favourite topic, on which, me being an educated, independent Muslim Pakistani woman, don't understand if it should be funny for me or worrysome. Being a Muslim is a personal choice of each and every Muslim and us condemning LGBT is our personal issue. It’s not natural thus not acceptable. Nobody else has a right to criticize us for that as nobody has a right to criticize the fags in your society. And as always, the Western part of the world, tries to paint Blasphemy act as an extreme human rights sabotage, instead of counting people in a country who do not have rights to proper meals or education, rights or means of having a roof on their heads, having cheap medical facilities and such. Women and minorities are living in worst conditions in India, but that is never a hot topic.You (West as a whole) like to implement your on radical theologies specifically on Muslims and Islam. If you wish to be seen as a scholar, you should stop hitting specificities and start thinking on a wider scope.

Homosexuality is very much natural, and occurs in the wild in a large number of species -> this is a link to a page which list many of the species involved.

Everyone should be free to be a Muslim. If you believe that homosexuality is wrong, then fine - don't engage in homosexuality. That's your freedom. But, no-one should be free to deny basic human rights of others, including the right to adult, private, consensual relations. It is morally wrong to suppress others and deny their rights.

The reason I criticize Pakistan on its horrible human rights record towards women, is because of its horrible human rights record towards women. The statistics behind this are laid out here: http://www.humantruth.info/pakistan_human_rights_and_freedom.html#GenderEquality .

I don't aim to be a scholar, I just aim to present important truth alongside my source information. It is only worth covering the wider scope, if you are first correct in your specificities.

Edited at 2019-02-08 10:41 pm (UTC)

I like it that you've written a response; I hope you take further time to reply. If you signed up for LiveJournal (not a popular outlet, anymore, I admit), then you can receive email alerts when replies are made to posts.

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