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Andrea Minichiello Williams, Christian Concern, Christian Legal Centre & the Wilberforce Academy

New page: "Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre; and the Wilberforce Academy". Andrea Minichiello Williams is a prominent and infamous UK fundamentalist Christian, and represents "the public face of Britain's loonier religious elements and their quixotic attempts to use the legal system to provide religious exemptions to laws on equality". She is a founder and member of various Christian institutions in the UK. She is CEO of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre, currently sits in the Church of England General Synod, and formed the Wilberforce Academy (UK) alongside the Alliance Defence Fund (USA). She has waged long-standing and immoral campaigns against every aspect of tolerance and equality for the LGBT community both in the UK and abroad. Her style mirrors that of USA fundamentalists who continually press for Christian theocratic power and dominionism, with no acceptance of the diversity or equality that have defined the democratic era. The page's menu is:

Tags: andrea minichiello williams, christian concern, christian legal center, christianity, fundamentalism, uk, wilberforce academy
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