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Lots of updates from last few weeks

Two new pages:


  • Homosexuality in Animals and Humans: I've added a paragraph to the bottom of Section #2 "International Gay Rights Index (Which Countries are Most and Least Tolerant?)", on the declining rates of homophobia in the UK and USA, although the USA is somewhat behind, and noted the news reports that senior UKIP officials are (quite predictably) a nasty and homophobic bunch.
  • The Food Chain: Added to section "3.2. Synthetically Grown Meats (In Vitro)": Animal farming as an industry is in distress in the modern world, and is criticized for its heavy use of water and for its inhumane nature. In 2012, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was offering a $1 million prize "for progress in producing meat from cells". And in section 3.4 I've added a prediction from futurologist Tim Jones who thinks GM foods will find general acceptance. Finally, I've moved the text of the section "5. Fad Diets, Organic Food, Supplements and Pseudoscience" to a new, expanded page on that topic.

And religion updates:

  • Omniscience: God Knows All?: I've added a part to section "4. Contradictions from Scripture: When God Doesn't Know All " : "4.2. Islam: Times in the Qur'an When God Tests People to Find Things Out".
  • Is the Christian God Evil? Evidence from Scripture and Nature: I have added comments from the story of Job. Section 1.1 "God Creates Evil Regardless of Human Free Will" notes that evil was done to Job regardless of his free will (i.e., he was described as holy and blameless in the Book of Job chapter 1), and, his children all died as a result of God's test of Job, which was also nothing to do with /their/ free will. In section "1.2. Satan and God are Interchangeable", I note that between Chapter 1 and Chapter 42 of Job, God and Satan's actions and culpability are completely intertwined.
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